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Hey, I’m Li, BanG Dream enthusiast, CEO of NanaRui and hopeless Morfonica stan who literally breathes Morfonica! I’m a passionate author and I draw too much for my own good. I’ve even filled a whole sketchbook with fan made event cards and a whole Google Doc with event stories and details. ;P EN gacha cursed . . . JP gacha blessed (except for DF Kanon umu)

"The light of dawn - is breaking on - our journey over the stars!" - Daylight by Morfonica

"RuiRui! No, wrong. Yashio-san!" - Nanami Hiromachi

Art requests/trades are open! Sketchbook or digital, you pick! (Just BanG Dream related stuff mostly but I can draw other things as long as they're not inappropriate)


Bands: Morfonica, Afterglow, HaroHapi, PoPiPa, Roselia, RAS, PasuPare

PoPiPa: Arisa, Tae, Rimi, Saya, Kasumi

Afterglow: Moca, Ran, Himari, Tsugumi, Tomoe

PasuPare: Maya, Chisato, Eve, Aya, Hina

Roselia: Sayo, Rinko, Lisa, Ako, Yukina

HaroHapi: Misaki, Kanon, Kokoro, Kaoru, Hagumi

RAS: Reona, Rokka, Rei (that's her name right?), Chiyu, Masuki

Morfonica: Nanami, Mashiro = Rui, Tsukushi, Touko

BonTekuno (Fan Band): Kona, Shiro, Ichika, Nigira, Oro

Overall (excluding fan band): Arisa = Nanami, Misaki, Tae, Moca, Sayo, Kanon, Mashiro, Ran, Maya, Kokoro, Himari, Chisato, Kaoru, Tsukushi, Rinko, Touko, Lisa, Tsugumi, Tomoe, Eve, Saya, Rimi, Reona, Rokka, Rui, Ako, Kasumi, Hagumi, Yukina, Rei, Chiyu, Aya, Hina = Masuki

Four star bands (EN & JP):

Poppin’Party: 0/5 EN - 1/5 JP

Afterglow: 1/5 EN - 1/5 JP

Pastel*Palettes: 3/5 EN - 1/5 JP

Roselia: 0/5 EN - 2/5 JP

Hello, Happy World!: 1/5 EN - 1/5 JP

Morfonica - 1/5 JP

I currently have only 1 DF card . . . (it's Ran-2) and it's sad

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