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Still remodeling my profile, this is probably gonna change like nuts soon.

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♢ Hi y'all! I'm Li, Bandori superfan and passionate artist + author. I enjoy pastel colors, creating characters and outfit designs, fangirling and screaming over my favorite characters (expect a lot of all-caps and keysmashing and way too many posts when I'm excited about something), learning about Japan, and trying new foods. I spend most of my time in real life drawing, avoiding social interactions, and staring at the pictures of my favorite characters I hung up on my fairy lights. Nice to meet you! ♢

♢ Band Rankings ♢

RAS >>> PoPiPa = HaroHapi = Afterglow = Monika > Roselia = PasuPare

♢ Other Franchises I Enjoy ♢

♢ D4DJ (Muni Ohnaruto + Tsubaki Aoyagi + Rei Togetsu)

♢ BNHA (Tamaki Amajiki + Denki Kaminari + Hitoshi Shinsou)

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