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Y.O.L.O!!!!! humans of BanPa. I am your local ghost, the randomest ghost. I have joined sometime ago, but when did I join? I don't remember. In fact, I never really remember anything lol. Best girls are pretty much half of our bandori girls. My least favourite may be Ran, but do I hate her? No, in fact, if ANYONE shows hate for a bandori girl, I will lock you in a shed. I also like AAside (stan Epic gamer and handsome idiot). Of course, like everyone else here, I am le weeb, and seeing such a friendly community for one of my favourite games and anime makes me happy, thanks for all of your support everyone!

Here are some interesting facts about me


  • I only get like 6 hrs of sleep everyday (I always stay up playing bandori, and other games lmao)

  • I love EDM (electronic Dance Music) as well as bandori songs

  • I love Vocaloid songs (and my favourite vocaloid is Len)

  • I tend to like wholesome anime more, but TBHK holds a special place in my heart proceeds to sob

  • Mental Stability doesn't exist in my world

  • I play Honkai Impact 3rd

  • I tried Love Live, I'm sticking to bandori

  • I think it's fun to be scared (which is why i love horror movies, but then I regret it cuz i get nightmares)

  • I'm really lazy

  • I'm way to lazy to save up stars (and when I do, the gacha only gives 3 stars, even on df, I normally get featured cards out of solos)

  • I also play deresute! (stan Riamu and anzu)

  • I don't have a big appetite, but if you give be sweet chili heat doritos, I'll be eating them with more happiness than moca has with meronpan and rimi with choco coronet

  • I cant eat spicy food (doritos are exception)

  • Honkai impact is awesome game, please play it. (and if you do, TeRiRi for the win!)

  • I don't have many consoles, I have a wii, and a nintendo dsi (the ds works, not THE CHARGER HHHHHHHHH). Thankfully my wii has lots of cool games like Super smash bros BRAWL, and a bunch of hacked mario games lol.

  • I can play violin and clarinet (you can see me suffer as I play the clarinet). Oh, btw, I can annoy the living shit out of you by playing baby shark on the violin (I learned it from my music teacher, she is a great person btw)

  • I have an O-tae nendoroid because I love O-tae and O-tae loves me back (as I have 4 of her four stars without getting a single dupe four star of her)

  • Honkai Impact vs Genshin Impact ---> Honkai Impact wins for me since there's WAY MORE to do (stan Venti tho)

  • Those are all of the interesting Facts about me

tysm for making me feel welcome here!

My favourite members of each band in order

  • Kaoru - Kokoro = Hagumi - Misaki - Kanon (HHW)
  • Hina = Maya - Eve = Aya = Chisato (pasu pare)
  • O-Tae - Kasumi - Rimi - Arisa - Saaya
  • Moca - Tsugu - Tomoe = Himari - Ran
  • Ako - Rinko = Yukina = Lisa = Sayo (Roselia)

Four Star Band Progress for bandori! (also gonna list the amount of four stars of i have of a member, even if there is more than one of a member) on EN PoPiPa: 3/5 (Arisa, Tae, Kasumi) Total: 6 (four of them are O-tae, I'm o-tae blessed lmao) HHW: 4/5 (everyone except Kanon), Total: 7 (2 misakis, 2 hagus) Roselia: 3/5 (Lisa, Sayo, Ako), Total: 3 Afterglow: 2/5 (Ran and Moca) Total: 3 (2 rans) PasuPare: 4/5 (Everyone except maya) Total:5 (4 ayas, two powerful, one pure, one happy, and 2 chisatos, one cool one pure)

My favourite band overall is HaroHapi but when it comes to the music, Roselia takes the cookies (see what I did there? No? You see...uhm... Lisa makes cookies)

Here are my favourite chibis!

Image Image Image Image Image

I'm too lazy to put them all, lol

I'm also a proud member of the Ducky Fam


I play endori and finally jpdori

also, we really need trained Misaki card (not michelle, but michelle i love you) image This is not mine, Credits to Fansmi for it!

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