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January 13, 2021 14:51:14 +0000 (UTC)


And here we are again, The Happy party train resume its journey and arrive at the busiest station of the month, so stay with me a little longer than usual because today we've got not one or two, but three ladies to congrats. so without further ado...let us begin.

Our first honoree is in the "character" side of the spectrum and can presume of having that rare trait that is sharing birthday day with her Seiyuu and even if it's just, officially, her second year with us, let's enlist some of her qualities once again.

She have already make a place in our hearts with her background story and her sense of loyalty to her friends. Her powerfull voice has filled us with hype in every single song we've heard it, and despite her cool lookings she also have been able to make us laught in some moments.

This are just a few of the reasons for what we love our first guest of the day, And it is because of them and many others that we meet here today, so let's raise our glasses and wish the best to the first person who knew about Hanazonoland, the "Respectfully Addressed" bassist and vocalist of RAS!

Happy Birthday Rei!!