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October 28, 2020 02:11:06 +0000 (UTC)


Alright. The time has finally come for me to say . . .





Before I get to your birthday speech appreciation letter-esque thing, I'm just going to talk about the drawings a little bit! (And one other thing which I'll get to afterwards.)

The first one took . . . so long . . . and it had so many layers that Procreate crashed every five seconds, and it had the messiest sketch on the face of the planet, and it was incredibly difficult to line, and my stylus is breaking which makes it cut out in the middle of a paint stroke, and the pose was super hard to draw, and the outfit was really hard because it's so complicated, but. I did it because I love Arisa, and every last second was worth it. All seven hours of it. This is definitely the most complex (or just detailed, or time-consuming, whatever) drawing I've ever done and I've gotta say, I'm super proud of it!

The second one was quicker, and I cut out a lot of the details because I was getting frustrated with how the ruffles looked, but like Tsubame said earlier, this Arisa costume is just so amazing I love it-- (She does look a bit off in this drawing though, which I'm frustrated about--)

And finally a lil' chibi! Who doesn't love chibis--

yes. i took the easy way out and did her school uniform instead of another detailed costume hehehehehehe

And the other thing: I was going to do a cover of Su-Suki Nanka Janai, and I recorded the audio or anything, but a lot of things happened and it got really messed up and I spent hours on it but it just didn't turn out. But that's okay, because I didn't want to share my voice on here anyway, because I sound very young and I'm not great at singing and I was literally shaking when I thought about posting it tonight, before everything went wrong. Plus, I'm an alto, and it was really hard to sing the song. I kept having to go into 'head' voice asdfghjklsdfghjk

Alright, now for the speech.

Arisa is the most amazing character I've ever met in any fandom. At first I didn't really care for her when I was first getting into the Bandori franchise, and instead payed more attention to the 'cute' ones like Kanon and Hagumi (don't worry Arisa, you're adorable. Oops-- don't get mad at me for saying that!) And uhhhh I've said this a billion times but,,,, you know,,,, the voice acting thing,,, (where I got cast as her and then tried to learn more about her so I could figure out how to play her, yada yada, I'm sure you've all heard the story at some point.)

Okay, I'm just going to tell the rest of the story. Most of you have probably heard it, but whatever. This is for Arisa :)

Then, when the Arisa's "Not Bad" Day Off event came out, I completely changed my mind about Arisa. I understood that she was just like me-- a socially awkward girl who doesn't know how to talk to people. Obviously she's so much more than that, but that was a huge starting point for me.

At the time, I wasn't a fan of tsundere characters, but as time went on and I read more of her card stories and the event stories with her in it and all of that stuff, I came to like her tsundere-ness. And, in a way, it's sort of like me. (I'm not grumpy/annoyed and then caring on the inside, I'm more like not-caring on the outside and caring on the inside, which is basically Arisa as well.)

Basically, after the Not Bad Day Off event, she blasted to first place. I always find something new to love about her, whether it's how she sacrifices so much for her friends or her sweet relationship with Kasumi that shows she really does care, like in the anime when Arisa was upset that Kasumi didn't eat lunch with her like they promised.

If I were to continue talking about Arisa, I'd probably have something really really really long, so I'm probably going to cut it off around here. One final word to Arisa:

You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are wonderful. You are Arisa Ichigaya. Keep on being you <3

And once again, happy birthday!! <333