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July 14, 2020 21:10:08 +0000 (UTC)


Hey guys!

I know I'm a little late and I haven't posted in a while, but I want to make this since I forgot to do so last year. I also want to tell about my experience in Bandori since SHE has a lot of influence on this.

You all know who I'm talking about...


It all started when I was bored and looking for something at Play Store, and then, Bandori appeared to me on my recommended. Initially, I was only curious about their covers and gave a chance. But, altough I had no idea who everyone there was, one character draw out my attention: a smiley and silly girl, the one and only Kasumi Toyama. I don't know what exactly made me like her between everyone, but she was my favorite character with only a few weeks of gameplay.


Trying to know more about the franchise, I found out an anime (at that time it had only one season), so I started watching. This probably is the reason why I love Bandori today. According to what I had played, I was expecting a happy story with happy characters and happy moments, but no development (like GochiUsa, for example). Oh boy, how wrong I was...

At the first episodes, I really liked their simple yet touching story. The development each character had was really surprising to me, especially Saya, and Poppin'Party's formation was something real nice to see. After this, Kasumi's arc came. This was no doubt the highlight of the franchise for me. It showed us that behind a smile it can have worries and personal troubles too, and her force of will and determination is rewarded, since after pursuing her dream and helping her friends, everyone helped her back when needed, and her dream was fulfilled.


After the anime, I was so hyped I started to read every story, searched for additional information, heared their songs, trying to understand this universe to its fullest. And my love for Kasumi, who was already my favorite, only have grown. I like every single detail of her, like her love for her friends and music, her smile and cheerfulness, her being silly and spoiled, being very determinated when it comes to PoPiPa and her dreams, and also for her mania to put a whole potato on a curry.


After all this long text, I can only say I'm really grateful to know Bandori, and especially, know you, Kasumi. Without you, I couldn't have met this lovable franchise, these fantastic characters we all know and love, and even this marvelous site I happen to find (you guys are so nice, I've never felt so comfy on a online community before). Even though I know she isn't real, I just want to send this message to her, and let her know she is loved and will always have my support (and I'm really sure I'm not the only one who thinks like this), since she always put a smile on my face, especially on my bad days.

From the bottom of my heart, Happy Birthday, Kasumi!!! May your days be always sparkling, heart-pounding, kira-kira and doki-doki!!! And again, thank you for all the good things you brought us!!! We love you!!!