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June 08, 2020 18:27:01 +0000 (UTC)

    Imma do this too     

1.Not gonna tell my actual name. Just Lii I guess for now. 


Imma do this too-

1.Not gonna tell my actual name. Just Lii I guess for now.

2.Not comfortable telling my age sorry...

3.My favorite color is navy

4.My current favorite anime is Toilet bound Hanako kun! I just love the art style and the vibrant colors in the background! Also the story is amazing.

5.I’m a Kokichi kinnie. That’s the only reason.

6.I don’t have a relationship. I crush on a few anime boys does that count?! lmao

7.My all time favorite anime character has to be Kou Minamoto from Toilet bound Hanako kun he’s babey! he’s so selfless and he cares a lot for his friends.

8.My first anime I watched was Little Witch Academia, I still love it till this day the art style is so boppin

9.I’m currently watching Is the order a Rabbit? Yes, I found out about the anime because of the bandori collab

10.I like drawing people stuff for free? Idk I just feel like my art isn’t good enough for commissions yet.

11.Nope sorry not telling my bday...

12.I have a pet peeve of beginner artists getting copics it just pisses me off

13.Night, I usually grind bandori at night with kaede_

14.I love to make people smile and making them happy, that’s why I like to do art trades and free art recommendations.

15.I don’t rly have a lucky number? Hmmmm 11037?

16.Tea! I love tea so much especially green tea. Coffee to me is just meh.

17.Favorite food is definitely ramen. Soi ya!

18.Favorite ship is MitsuKou they’re just perfect together and fav bandori ship is MocaRan

19.I’m Korean-American huhehe