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September 17, 2019 22:08:08 +0000 (UTC)


Flowerstand Project

CharaExpo USA 2019 -- Flowerstand Project

Hi all denizens of Bandori.Party! I'm violetR, your site's team manager! I may not post on Banpa often, however I love being apart of the BanGDream! Community as a whole, so I'm here to spread the word about the fantastic Flowerstand (Flasta) project members of the community have put together! Every BanG Dream! Seiyuu(voiceator) coming to CharaExpo USA this year has a stand project! This is something unprecedented for an overseas performance, but we are dedicated to making it happen!

What is Chara Expo USA?

Chara Expo USA is basically BushiroadCon. Literally. Check out the site here. The venue boasts tons of space, exhibits, and tons of content! Last year I had the pleasure of going, you can read about it here! If you can make it to Anaheim this year, from Dec 7-8, definitely do!

We managed to fund a Flasta for RAISE A SUILEN last year in just under a month, the Seiyuu were warmly receptive to the stand and we want nothing more to impress them once again!

Where can I donate to Flowerstands?

Here is the list of all the stand projects currently in funding processes. Even if a stand is funded, you may contribute to it. Many stands are donating excess to other stands to ensure we are all funded for the event in December! If you feel pressed for cash, of course do not donate. If you can only donate to one, pick your favorite as even if it's funded, you may end up funding another!

Additionally, artists! Many stands are still looking for someone to draw for them! If interested, please message the organizer on their listed platforms!




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