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Hello there

I'm vio. / violetR, I do design work and community oversight. I don't actively play BanG Dream anymore, as my main JP account was taken :'( I mostly watch from afar and consume live content now.

I have cats named Plip & Pom, who I love v much, I have a BFA with a graphic design emphasis. If you're interested, here's some links!

Personal Site || Art Tumblr

Relating to the Game

I originally fell for Love Live! but branched out to Bandori, and was my main interest for 3 years! I started helping out BPa before launch and it gave me a lot of motivation and helped with personal issues I had been trying to overcome for awhile, so I'm really grateful. I have less time to dedicate to multiple games, so unfortunately I did stop playing BanG Dream (I wasn't that great at it tbf anyway--). I still love the franchise, however.

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