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April 15, 2019 21:00:55 +0000 (UTC)

 Takes a breath in and exhales  Alright.... folks you know what day it is today  in my time zone ...

-Takes a breath in and exhales- Alright.... folks you know what day it is today (in my time zone) IT’S APRIL 15TH WHICH IS TOMOE UDAGAWA’S FLIPPIN BIRTHDAY -Throws maroon confetti everywhere-

Okay so I’m gonna say a bunch of sappy stuff CHEESY TO THE MAX WARNING

So at first when I got this game geez one year ago?? I didn’t think much of Tomoe because she was in one of those rock bands. Personally I didn’t think much of Afterglow at the start. I didn’t like the type of genre they played, though I’ve grown to adore it as time has gone on...... As I played through the story, though, I started noticing Tomoe as a good person who holds Afterglow together. She is a cool, calm young teenage woman who doesn’t hold grudges against others. Also I mean she plays the taiko drums???? I love freaking Taiko Tatsuya??? C’mon someone better make a BanG Dream! x Taiko Tatsuya collab or I WILL SUE EVERYONE WHO MADE THE GAME— just kidding, I can’t sue anyone cuz I’m only twelve (practically 13 but who cares) We also share the same favorite color: maroon! That’s pretty cool~ Yeah one more thing...Tomoe has slowly started swaying her way into my heart (Guess what?? I am GAY!!!) and she has actually helped me cope with my horrible, HORRIBLE social anxiety. Like say I’m at a mall or something like that and I have anxiety. Guess what I do? I call on Tomoe Udagawa, the Holy Drumming Goddess herself. For some reason I just find her voice so soothing and calming and ahhhhdjdkdod //// OH YEAH speaking of voices when she sings in Ready Steady Go, I was absolutely shocked when I first heard that. And I still am. We need a TOMOE SOLO SONG CRAFTEGG YOU COWARDS!!!!! I love you, Tomoe. Don’t blame me I’m flippin gay for you and I’d do anything for you.

—From StanKasumi