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Chisato's bushido mayhem.

My first Fanfic on Banpa! and first ever posted Yondekudasaii! UwU

  • Type: Romance ship
  • Length: Mini novlette (below 2500 wods)
  • Main cast: Chisato, Eve, Asuka, Emiri (my OC), Aya.
  • Bond: Chisa-Eve
  • SUB-cast: Director, Villain actor, male ninja actor, Female ninja actress, Kanon.
  • Rating: 9+
  • Credit: project Bandori.
  • author: RealSayo

It's been yet another day in Hanasakigawa... Chisato as a second year been even more deeply into her projects in acts and poetry, Not forgetting to practice her bass from time to time. During one of her breaks, as she browses on her iPhone to know what's next in scedule, she notices a whatsapp message from Eve... "You won't believe it! It's amazing! Chisato-chan!" Eve wrote in her message, Chisato replied curiously "Hm? Can you tell what exactly happend?" The reply didn't even wait a mere minute "A director contacted me to be the actress in a Sengoku themed play! I'll be the main heroine! I'm so nervous... But in the bushido a samurai never flees from a challenge... Care to be my guide? PLEASE chisato-chan!" Eve wrote with a teary eyed emoji. Chisato sighs, it's not rare that her friends choose her as the guide for even basic operations in the plays. Chisato left the whatsapp for a moment to browse her calendar to examine if she got anything... the whole 3 weeks there were reminders just for Bass practice, Coincidentally no director needed Chisato's skills as an actress. "Fine, meet me up in class" Chisato replied with smirky smile as she went back exactly as the bell rang to mark break's end. Chisato entered the class, and Eve tried to explain briefly, her lcy blue eyes sparkle in excitement "I am going to play a role of the first woman in the sengoku arc to become actually a samurai. Uhm... It does remind me something. They mentioned the need for a priestess. Chisato-chan, will you play with me?" Chisato's violate eyes rounded in surprise "M-me?" She mumbled in shock. "I don't know anything on the role.... Who is the character, How exactly the priestess should behave, or if we're allies or enemies!" She muttered some excuses, Eve just laughed "A true warrior never flees, Just hear it out, if it'll suit you, agree. Only after knowing all options a warrior decides!" After thinking about it, the blonde girl agreed "You're right, I shouldn't misjudge. Can you message me the time and location? The sensei enters." Eve nods "Sure! Right away." After the studies, The two head together with the train. "Eve..." Chisato started. One thing is sure. If Eve keeps twiddling with her braids she is REALLY nervous, she even repeated twice the 7-5-3 code of the bushido, focusing and the calm state "Kya! Chisato chan! Don't scare me out" Eve replies startled. "I just want to ask a few role--- Hm? Kanon...? what are you doing here?" Chisato raised an eyebrow... "Oh! hey Chisato-chan! I'm just having a browse of the cute stuff here! fueeee.... I am not sure I will manage to get home after I've finished..." Chisato smiled "Great to know! I am sure Hagumi-san from your band. or Kaoru-san will help" Eve tugs on the sleeve of chisato's school uniform, reminding her of why she's here... "Follow me. Auditions are still open!" The two head off to the theatre in the mall. "You are... Wakamiya-san?" Asuka, the younger sister of Kasumi raised her eyes from the tablet as she examined who came. The purple eyed girl examined Eve "yes! I am, what're you doing here Asuka?" Asuka replied, "I am working here part time. I am a sorter of the theatre. I am checking who is 'signed up', I guess Chisato came to enroll to be one of the rolls?" She asked Chisato. "Uhm. Yeah... Eve-chan explained me that there's a need for someone to fill the role of a priestess in the same play that Eve is participating. I will be also her senpai in terms of playing a role in a theatre too if you don't mind" Asuka shrugged. "Eh. I don't mind. I am a minor role. You'd better ask for the director's opinion." The two girls headed. and entered further into the theatre, Chisato got a necklace tag with an NFC chip to access the area. while Eve just pulled out her keys, and the chip is already worn there, with Eve already drawn a sword on that chip in a marker. a short roam in the area, and the two girls encounter the Director. "Here you go Sir! Chisato came." the man and the girl looked at each other. an awkward silence happend... "I came for the role of the Priestess. If you need to test me. I don't mind." The director laughed "No need Shirasagi-san. I know your past, and you proved yourself to be a professional Actress" he turned to the two girls "Uhm, Question... Have you ever worn color lenses? Your appearance is perfect Except the violet eyes. The priestess in my play has green. I... Uhm... Don't say your eye color is ugly. It just doesn't fit" Eve raised an eyebrow "I don't think ANYONE would care about such a tiny detail Director-san, most of the watchers sit far away and wouldn't notice the difference, A warrior follows the masses to ensure they are fine, Rather than one that is insignificant" Chisato shrugged "I've worn lenses, yes. I had green, Blue, Honey, Silver, and even red. If it's that significant I don't mind putting on lenses" the Director Smiles "Great to know, Head to Aya-chan, She will give you the Scripts. And Emiri for the Costumes". The request was weird for Eve. But Chisato was used to it, She went to look for Aya, not realising he meant Maruyama Aya. The pink haired girl waved as Chisato approaches "Heya Chisato-chan!" She was surprised. "Aya-chan? what are you doing here?" Aya blushed. "Hehehe... a project I took on myself on the days off... I want to learn more of your world, the Theatre. so I am working here part time, as for the fast-food store. I requested a VWOP (Vacation without payment) for a while... Oh! since you came for the role. Of... a priestess? I need to hand you a rundown of the role. Your name in the role is Kagume Hanazano. a high priestess and the daughter of the healing goddess. You will accompany the heroine Azusa Nabunaga, portrayed by Eve-chan. and help her save the castle from the evil shugon. your outfit will contain gloves that will help up a bit with the effects. but it really does nothing particular. the personality is A kind but stern one, you are straightforward and practical. but in the same time will not be afraid to rush and help people. like a true priestess. Ah! what am I blubbering. It's written all here!" she hands a decently thick book of about 70 pages to Chisato. the first 10 pages are analysis of the character for those who seek to be the most similar to the character portrayed. and the other 60 are the full script. red text is Chisato's text. black is others. "Thank you Aya chan. You know me really well. And... Where I can find Emiri?" Aya pointed on the corridor to the right. "Saakimoto-san is there. She takes care of the outfits." Chisato nodded and left to find the girl. It didn't take too much time though... as Emiri stood exactly in the center of the dressing room. "Okay. female samurai outfit... where is it.... Oh! the new actress! Heya~!" Emiri handed Chisato the priestess outfit. it's a gorgeous white/red outfit scaled up with sakura shaped ornaments, and detached sleeves with a unique hand flower of one ring. thigh high socks, and the traditional priestess's getas, and a bow. Emiri handed everything neatly folded, "Please dress up. I want to ensure that it's the right size for you" She said, and turns around, Chisato dressed up. It fitted pretty much well, except for the sleeves, they covered her hands. "Could you please stand still? I will mark spots and let our seamstress fix it up for you." She nodded, examining the rings... they were perfect for her long slender fingers, the rings were made of gold, 14k gold... and interestingly. were detachable from the gloves. with only a tiny hook holding them enclasped to the sleeves. "Uhm... May I keep the rings for the while? until they are fixed that is" Chisato asked. "Hm? I recommend not... It's a part of the costume. and they are part of the effects mechanism. the gloves won't without these." Emiri commented. "Oh. I see, Allright. I guess I'll be off to practice with Eve-chan." She nodded. and left to meet up with Eve in the rehearsal room. "I see that you are already in, Chisato-chan! let's practice!" the sparkle in the eyes is certainly undeniable. she is excited.  Two weeks passed, Chisato, eve. and the others practiced. Chisato got used to the outfit. and even tried out some of the affects. "Oh, Eve! You're such a great Actress, such a fast learner!" and out of the sudden... She kissed Eve on the lips... "...!?" Eve blushed... but got addicted to the soft touch of chisato's lips... these 11cm of difference did not matter to the two... they just kissed... long, and nearly eternal-feeling kiss... "Uhm... Please don't tell the others what just happen. Okay?" Chisato mumbles flustered after realising what she did,  Eve laughed. And kept the secret. Continuing the practice with the ninjas and the evil Shugon actors. At the day of the play... Eve was really nervous. It's the time... eve took two bags, one for school, containing her usual stuff, And another bag containing her costume, an awesome looking feminine style Samurai armor. With a fimo sword looking real. Chisato did the same, but wore the rings on her fingers. "It's the last day..." Eve whispered Chisato in the ear. "I'm aware of that, have you practiced what I told you?" Eve replied confidently "Yes! A warrior always practices what they learn, let's just hope that I won't get too nervous" Miss Shirasagi winked "We can practice in the breaks, just without the actions.." they nodded and agreed.  Later that day, they went to the show, and the act begins....

I hope that you'll like what I wrote. ^^ Thank you for reading~ Please comment!