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March 27, 2020 06:32:35 +0000 (UTC)


now i'm just sorta playing tag with bushiroad, I had to provide some extra details lol

looks like 4* moca is coming back home

March 27, 2020 08:20:03 +0000 (UTC)



March 27, 2020 00:27:22 +0000 (UTC)


Inspired by many other posts here


Just a little meme for you guys!

I got the pic of hina from bad bandori posts btw, they're awesome
February 27, 2020 21:22:49 +0000 (UTC)

Hihi! I have been lurking on this website for some time now, finally being pushed out to introduce...

Hihi! I have been lurking on this website for some time now, finally being pushed out to introduce myself by a certain someone (hi I'm finally here lol). I do a lot of weeb art n stuff. Rinko's Prelude play event outfit is one of my faves of hers so I had to draw it for her English release! (yeah that's Yukina in the back there lol) hope we can be friends :)

March 26, 2020 02:34:34 +0000 (UTC)

  Bandori.Party Announces... A Campaign for WW's collaboration with Baby Shark!

Hi all, I know all...

Bandori.Party Announces... A Campaign for WW's collaboration with Baby Shark!

Hi all, I know all of our socks were rocked plum off when GBP WW announced Baby Shark was really coming this month (we reported it first)... We've seen a lot of positive feedback regarding the decision to have this collaboration on the Worldwide server, and plenty of negative as well. However, at Bandori.Party we try to see the best of things and have decided to hold...


What is that, you ask? Well, it's a cute idea where BanG Dream! Cosplayers can dress up as their favorite characters, and do the "Baby Shark" dance! Having fun and dancing to this infectious meme-song can actually leave you in a good mood sometimes, and seeing your favorite characters do the dance can only enhance the experience, right? However, we also are looking forward to even seeing NON-COSPLAY entries from our community members as well!

Make sure your submit your entry before [utcdate=2020-04-19T10:00:00][/utcdate].

Submissions close in [countdown=2020-04-19T10:00:00][/countdown]

What is the Baby Shark Dance?

We teamed up with community members and cosplayers to show you how it's done! Check the videos below to see their amazing examples!

How to do the Baby Shark Dance - by

You can follow himboluvr on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.

How to do the Baby Shark Dance - by auracosplay

You can follow auracosplay on Instagram.

How to do the Baby Shark Dance - by shujineko

You can follow shujineko on TikTok and Instagram.

You can also check the official dance video.

How Do I Participate?

  1. Dress up as your favorite girl, or otherwise, from BanG Dream!
  2. Record yourself doing the "Baby Shark" Dance!
  3. Post it to either:


  1. Negativity toward the cosplayers having fun is a huge no-no, please support their hard work! Even if you don't like the song, there is no need to be nasty to someone trying to have a good time.
  2. Likewise, any negativity-filled submissions to the community event are highly disapproved.
  3. No need for a high-quality cosplay! In fact, closet cosplay would be amazing to see from our community members, or you can just be yourself!
  4. Have fun <3 First and foremost, this isn't a contest. It's a community event!

Prize? Prize? Priiize?!

A lucky, randomly drawn, participant will be eligible for a digital prize. We may scale up the prizes for more entries, so stay tuned to this post to see any progress!

Submissions Begin... NOW!

We will formally announce our community event on twitter, tomorrow to coincide with the release of Baby Shark, however our community members will see it first and be the first to know :D

March 26, 2020 22:34:32 +0000 (UTC)


so. i was cleaning out my phone, no big deal, right? i decided to delete some random files/folders.

turns out that one of them was the bandori folder, so. my account is gone haha. emailed god (bushiroad) to see if i can get it back. might not because my name is currently "BanG Me! Lisa" and i can get in trouble with god for that so. goodbye 4* by your side moca i guess

also, i was about to tier in this event lol

October 09, 2018 10:55:48 +0000 (UTC)


For People That Still Don’t Like Sayo And/Or Hina

I’m speaking as someone who had Sayo and Hina kind of low on my list when I first started playing JP, please don’t make your decision on them final until after you read the Umbrella for the Autumn Rain event story!

I know, I know, their relationship is strained (and just to be clear, by relationship, I mean sisterly relationship. Not lovers relationship. Incest in not wincest and it’s pretty sad that I have to make it clear when talking about these two together, but continuing), Sayo seems like an ice box, and Hina can be annoying. But this event actually addresses their relationship and it was the first event story that actually made me cry because those two are so precious and it just makes you want to root for them. It actually shot them up from about 11 and 12 on my list to sharing the number one spot (Sorry Yukina).

Now, even though I wrote all this, I just want to be clear that I’m not trying to force people into liking Sayo and Hina. I’m not going to go into a crazed frenzy or what have you if you all read the event story and still don’t like the twins. All I’m asking is that people understand them more because, IMO, they’re the most fascinating sister relationship in the game. Sure you have Ako and Tomoe and Rimi and Yuri, but they just have the simple sisterly relationship. Sayo and Hina started out having a strained relationship and that’s actually pretty real. I mean, I have cousins that, while I do love them, there are times when I can barely like them. I can only imagine how it is for sisters that live together.

Like I said before, I just want people to understand them more. And don’t worry about Sayo/Hina fans who’ll complain if you still have them low on your list. I mean, I understand Aya and Chisato and they’re low on my favorite girl list (I think they’re actually the new 11 and 12 spot) and I understand Arisa but she’s dead last on the sole reason that she’s a tsundere.

I’ve actually gone more in-depth on Sayo and Hina on reddit that I can link to anyone who wants to read it. But do be warned, it’s a huge wall of text of me going into full character analysis mode (I do that sometimes) and even though they are my two favorite girls in the game, there’s no bias in it. At least I hope there isn’t. I’ve also written at like 4:00 in the morning, so there might be grammar and spelling mistakes, haha.

TLDR; don’t sleep on these two just yet. They’re relationship is getting better. Read Umbrella for the Autumn Rain story.