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April 02, 2020 16:16:32 +0000 (UTC)

You're allowed to be upset about Backstage Pass 2, and you're allowed to be upset about Dreamfest....

You're allowed to be upset about Backstage Pass 2, and you're allowed to be upset about Dreamfest. What you aren't allowed to do is take out your emotions on the Bang Dream! staff. There's a national pandemic happening. Everyone is trying to prepare. This includes our favorite creative and management teams.

Say it with me: The Bang Dream! Staff are people too, and I appreciate that they're trying their best.

They'll fix things eventually. Until then, be happy we're getting content at all - many other fandoms aren't so lucky.

-if anyone is stressed out or just generally needs someone to talk to during quarantine, my DMs are always open!-

March 30, 2020 10:41:28 +0000 (UTC)


I dunno where I left off with these exactly (I think I'm good with this order though???), so I'm just gonna do the three bands I know I haven't done yet. How about that instead? xD


Luminous Once More! Time to celebrate PasuPare (incredibly late, but better than never)!

As always, my icons are free use, so please feel free to use them to your heart's content. I only ask to be credited (see the included readme for more info on that). The bubble brushes I used on the preview picture can be found here. What better way to celebrate getting a new laptop than to get back into the swing of this? playing high FPS games I couldn't on the old hotplate, among other things, lmao

HOW MANY DIFFERENT WAYS CAN WE SAY THE TITLE OF THE EVENT/SONG a lot. don't actually answer that, please.

i don't remember my tags because banpa's activity history is a kinda non-functional, wonky butt cheek, BUT WE HAVE A GRAPHIC EDIT TAG NOW HECC YEAH