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Protector of Bandori Girls.

I speak Spanglish but i mostly speak English than spanish because im more used to it and because sounds better XD Anyway amigos, consider this: Hate, lewd, kill and shipp incest (The Bandori Girls) , should be ILEGAL memba that. Right now i'm prepairing for the Hopeful Session event and i'am ready for the masacre, or at least for the part where i tier in the event, cuz i don't know if i gonna get the 4* Star Maya but i hope this time i get the card i want. Also, i see that people put things about their favorite bands/memebers/songs so i'm going to do the same

Favorite bands:



3.-Pastel Palettes

4.-Raise A Suilen


6.-Hello Happy World


Best Girls

1.-Maya Yamato (also My waifu XD)

2.-Hagumi Kitazawa

3.-Kasumi Toyama

4.-Rinko Shirokane

5.-Rui Yashio

Favorite songs:

1.-Neo Aspect

2.-Mirai Train


4.-Mou Ichido Luminous

5.-Ringing Bloom


5.-Kira Kira Yume Datoka Sing Girls

Favorite Costumes:

1.-Maya, Sweet Cat

2.-Hagumi, Look Up It's Fall

3.-Sayo, Crisis Compagnon

4.-Rinko, Bewitching Inquiry

Things that nobody cares about me I really don't do nothing special or relevant but here goes nothing

•I normally don't play Bandori for the quarantine (because the time i have to play i prefer to use it playing Apex XD) But when i do i really play so much, so feel free to add me

•I am (song XD okno very Bad joke) obssesed wit Bandori? Just a Yes or of course or EXTREMELY YES is not justice for the level of obssesion i have... But i'm very proud of that, i mean, why regret for being obssesed with the Best Franchise in the universe

•IDK why but i like to edit my pfps With the 5 Star template that i think ChomamaLi create (also thank You for the template), normally using edgelord images, because it's gonna be like Kawai template for a edgelord image

•As You can see I ABSOLUTELEY PROTECT THE BANDORI GIRLS i don't Even ship them and that's weird as fuck... I think, so every time i can ,i tell people to protect The Bandori Girls! As You can see, Even if don't work i need to try it, and with at least somebody that understand, i'm happy with that, one skinbag less in the world, and one more god in the world!

•Im a DUDE (male) i Say it because i see a lot of people here that are womans (that or are just old mans trying to pretend be womans for kidnap kids and after, rape them and killing them), so i wanna make that clear

•I have 7 dreams in Bandori:

1.-Get the Loli Moca card (Let's play together)

2.-Get all the figures, i actually don't have any of them :'(

3.-Get a top 100 or top 10 or Even 1 but that's too far so i'm fine with the top 100

4.-Get the Maya 4* card assembling sound

5.-FC Roku Chounen To Ichiya Monogatari and Ringing Bloom

6.-Get the Hagumi 4* card, look up it's fall

7.-Form a Group or be in a group (i mean server or society not group of music) of People That protect The Bandori Girls at the same level as me

And that's all i think. Also... PROTECT THE BANDORI GIRLS HELL YEAH!!

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