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Protector of Bandori Girls.

I speak Spanglish but i mostly speak English (in da internet i mean, not real life Xd) than spanish because im more used to it and because sounds better XD

Anyway, i see that people put things about their favorite bands/memebers/songs so i'm going to do the same

Favorite bands:



3.-Pastel Palettes

4.-Raise A Suilen


6.-Hello Happy World

7.- Fuck Morfonica

Best Girls

1.-Maya Yamato (also My waifu XD)

2.-Hagumi Kitazawa

3.-Kasumi Toyama

4.-Rinko Shirokane

Favorite songs:

1.-Neo Aspect

2.-Mirai Train


4.-Mou Ichido Luminous

5.-Ringing Bloom

Favorite Costumes:

1.-Maya, Sweet Cat

2.-Hagumi, Look Up It's Fall

3.-Sayo, Crisis Compagnon

4.-Kasumi, Fun Launch

5.-Rinko, butterfly on your right shoulder

Things that nobody cares about me. I really don't do nothing special or relevant, but anyway here goes the F A C T S

•I quit playing Bandori, but if necessary I will come back

•I am obssesed wit Bandori? I used to, but tbh the franchise has been really meh and has lost his special touch, i don't play the game anymore, and also that the reason why I don't come here anymore. It's kinda sad to say this, but honestly at this point, i want the franchise to come to a end, i rather see a legend die, than see it turning into a villain

•IDK why but i like to edit my pfps With the 5 Star template that i think ChomamaLi create (also thank You for the template)

•Im male, i say it because i see a lot of people here that are girls (is it that or are just old mans trying to pretend be womans for kidnap kids and after that rape them and kill them).

•I have 7 dreams in Bandori:

1.-Get the Loli Moca card (Let's play together) (Accomplished)

2.-Get all the figures, i actually don't have any of them... Update: i actually have a Kasumi nendroid yay

3.-Get a top 100 or top 10 or Even 1 but that's too far so i'm fine with the top 100 (Accomplished)

4.-Get the Maya 4* card assembling sound (accomplished)

5.-FC Roku Chounen To Ichiya Monogatari and Ringing Bloom (I will never Accomplish this one and now is official)

6.-Get the Hagumi 4* card, look up it's fall (I will probably never Accomplish this one and it's almost official)

7.-Meet people that also protect the Bandori girls

And that's all i think. Also... Protect the Bandori Girls, well except Morfonica... XD

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