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Tae Hanazono: "i've always played Guitar alone, so its nice to be in a band!"

also Tae Hanazono: has a childhood friend that played music with her when they were younger

April 15, 2019 21:00:55 +0000 (UTC)

Takes a breath in and exhales Alright.... folks you know what day it is today in my time zone ...

-Takes a breath in and exhales- Alright.... folks you know what day it is today (in my time zone) IT’S APRIL 15TH WHICH IS TOMOE UDAGAWA’S FLIPPIN BIRTHDAY -Throws maroon confetti everywhere-

Okay so I’m gonna say a bunch of sappy stuff CHEESY TO THE MAX WARNING

So at first when I got this game geez one year ago?? I didn’t think much of Tomoe because she was in one of those rock bands. Personally I didn’t think much of Afterglow at the start. I didn’t like the type of genre they played, though I’ve grown to adore it as time has gone on...... As I played through the story, though, I started noticing Tomoe as a good person who holds Afterglow together. She is a cool, calm young teenage woman who doesn’t hold grudges against others. Also I mean she plays the taiko drums???? I love freaking Taiko Tatsuya??? C’mon someone better make a BanG Dream! x Taiko Tatsuya collab or I WILL SUE EVERYONE WHO MADE THE GAME— just kidding, I can’t sue anyone cuz I’m only twelve (practically 13 but who cares) We also share the same favorite color: maroon! That’s pretty cool~ Yeah one more thing...Tomoe has slowly started swaying her way into my heart (Guess what?? I am GAY!!!) and she has actually helped me cope with my horrible, HORRIBLE social anxiety. Like say I’m at a mall or something like that and I have anxiety. Guess what I do? I call on Tomoe Udagawa, the Holy Drumming Goddess herself. For some reason I just find her voice so soothing and calming and ahhhhdjdkdod //// OH YEAH speaking of voices when she sings in Ready Steady Go, I was absolutely shocked when I first heard that. And I still am. We need a TOMOE SOLO SONG CRAFTEGG YOU COWARDS!!!!! I love you, Tomoe. Don’t blame me I’m flippin gay for you and I’d do anything for you.

—From StanKasumi

April 15, 2019 14:14:25 +0000 (UTC)

miss tomoe udagawa? where do i start with her? i absolutely love her and adore her! her design is so...

miss tomoe udagawa? where do i start with her? i absolutely love her and adore her! her design is so pretty and younger tomoe?? what a cutie! all stages, costumes, looks, and everything about tomoe? valid and beautiful!! she is honestly a queen and a best girl of mine. she is so considerate and thinks so kindly of others. literally the definition of perfect is her! i just wanted to gush and pour my heart out to how much i love and appreciate tomoe. she's so beautiful and her personality is everything. happy birthday, tomoe! <3

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OMG, thank you Saaya for saying the truth ! Music is not necessarily about skill level. It's also...

OMG, thank you Saaya for saying the truth ! Music is not necessarily about skill level. It's also about how you can convey your feelings with this medium. And at the end, it's only a matter of tastes and what you're looking for. Such a good girl ~

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Everytime Roselia has used a German word/everytime they've sung in German, a compilation brought to you by Yamabuki Bakery. Feel free to correct the translations (some of them were just taken from the wikia), and let me know if I missed anything!

Albums: 1st Album, "Anfang" (Beginning)

Lives basically all of them lmao : 1st Live, "Rosenlied" (Song of the Rose); 2nd Live, "Zeit" (Time); 3rd Live, "Ewigkeit" (Eternity), 4th/Mini Live, "Vier" (literally just Four...), 5th Live, "Hitze" (Heat) and the Mini Lives ''Wasser'' (Water) and Flamme (Flame).

Songs containing words in German: Guren no Yumiya (this is a cover though so there's no one to blame here really)

I... guess we could include the Weiß Schwarz thingies but BanG! Dream can't change its name jdmsk

Anyways, we get it Roselia, English and Japanese are too boring for you. (Honestly German sounds really cool but orz)

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When I first watched PICO EP 16, Ayasa did such a good job 'acting' as Kasumi that I thought everyone had switched their voices along with their minds. Arimi and Tasumi were great to hear too.

April 11, 2019 18:13:36 +0000 (UTC)


Out of curiosity, who else liked the first season of the anime more than the second one?

I feel like people talk smack about S1 a lot—I mean I wasn't too impressed by it at first either but a rewatch in the lead-up to S2 was enough to change my mind. Idk I think certain scenes might come across as melodramatic bc they rely on implication more than anything, which is a lot easier to appreciate the second time around when you know the characters/franchise better. For me at least it went from "She's bursting into tears, ok I guess" to "It may be sudden but her fear of letting others down hasn't been shown, that's all" and "This is Star Beat we're looking at, her reaction makes sense." The best part though imo is and has always been Kasumi's arc. Heck that hurt so good and felt so genuine.

I think S1's greatest strength is its character development, which holds despite its flaws. At the risk of being accused of favouritism lmao, I generally prefer the game's writing (while acknowledging a visual novel is way easier to write than an anime), but it's such a shame that out of all the PoPiPa girls only Arisa is regularly given the spotlight and depth S1 shows, though granted S1 Arisa has more of a supporting role so you could say she deserves it. Rimi though? Rimi's Gift of Song and Earnest Song for Me are great but more please. (Also JP players, I haven't gone through all the mixed event stories involving PoPiPa girls so slap me if there's one that suddenly decided to be super deep)

This is a S1 appreciation post but I'm not hating on S2 or anything! I just liked S1 better and I'm curious about what you guys thought