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April 25, 2019 12:24:59 +0000 (UTC)

Alright folks today I’m doing Day 1 of okasawmiikun’s 30 Day Challenge! It’s my first time doing...

Alright folks today I’m doing Day 1 of okasawmiikun’s 30 Day Challenge! It’s my first time doing this so I’m going to suck but here we go

Day 1 - Favorite Band

Yes that’s right. My favorite band is Poppin’ Party. And before you yell in my face by saying things like “Popipa is too generic”, that’s just your opinion. Let me explain. Popipa was what introduced me to BanG Dream! as a whole, entirely due to the fact that I happened to be on Crunchyroll and saw the anime. I had watched all of the current Love Live! series, so this anime would probably be great as well. When I started watching the anime, Kasumi immediately stole my heart. Saaya as well. And then everyone else came in, and throughout it all, I was thinking, “Wow, such ordinary people can do such amazing things!” Though Poppin’ Party might not have too many fans compared to Hello, Happy World! or Roselia, I am one of their most passionate fans. Also, their music?? It is AMAZING!! Poppin’ Party creates happy tunes with emotional lyrics. I’m a sucker for those kinds of things ehehe... Either way Poppin’ Party has a special place in my heart. I love this band with all of my might!

February 16, 2019 20:59:27 +0000 (UTC)


Persona Time~~!!!

Personally I'm excited for this event because of the 2 3*'s we get this event! Also since the cards look really cool this event owo. Personally, I haven't watched the persona series but this event might prompt me into doing so!

Anyways, Event Analysis hours!!!!

Go! Phantom Thieves of Twilight

Event Type - Challenge Live

Boost Attribute (+20%): Cool

Boost Members (+10%): (Afterglow) Ran Mitake, Moca Aoba, Himari Uehara, Tomoe Udagawa, and Tsugumi Hazawa

Image Image Image Image Image

From past events/gachas:

Image Image Image Image Image

and from the new LIMITED gacha ‘Grand Scarlet Stage’:

Image Image Image

February 05, 2019 23:09:50 +0000 (UTC)


Masking looks really rude and intimidating, maybe looking her smiling is a super rare chance.


And this is her signature.




Pic source:

April 19, 2019 05:07:16 +0000 (UTC)



this is my new favourite set because i am a nerd XD

April 22, 2019 00:32:59 +0000 (UTC)

Nope. I have to rewatch Season 1 now. I need to make more GIFs. I wanna watch my girls again. I want...

Nope. I have to rewatch Season 1 now. I need to make more GIFs. I wanna watch my girls again. I want to find my opinion again. See you in 13 episodes!

Along with all the GIFs I make from the scenes I deem worthy.

Edit: Sure, why not have the second (actually third made) of many?

this was a really cute moment
October 12, 2018 00:18:45 +0000 (UTC)


Bandori Inktober: Favorite Pairing

this is a combination of an Inktober drawing and just... pure self indulgence because i love misahagu and I wish to spread the gospel of my favorite rarepair (//∇//)\ hagumi’s always so concerned about mii-kun and her wellbeing, i love them,,


April 08, 2019 21:09:10 +0000 (UTC)

Hey guys! An user named matsubabe made an interesting question on some of his activities See...

Hey guys!

An user named matsubabe made an interesting question on some of his activities (See here!), and to be honest I discussed with my brother about this possibility before reading this.

First of all, I think season 2 will have the same duration as Season 1 (two years), so the game will only continue normally in the next year. BUT, what happens after? I mean, what is the future of BanG Dream! as a whole?

My brother and I came to four theories of what would happen:


  • Theory 1: The obvious. Nothing will change. They will continuing the story as always. The only difference is that some of the girls will be outside the Hanasakigawa/Haneoka (maybe on a university?), and probably won't have as much time as when they were at high school. But the rest will be "the same as always"...


  • Theory 2: They will simply ignore this fact and continuing the franchise without the "third season". In other words, they won't grow, and will continue to have the same age as now. I think it's the worst of these possibilities, since it's a poor and lazy decision.


  • Theory 3: The actual bands will get out from the franchise, and there will be a new cast, with new bands, but having the same style as the originals. For example, a "Band A" that has the same style as Poppin'Party, "Band B" as Roselia, etc. Maybe younger characters (like Ako or even Asuka) appears again in these bands, but this time as veterans. But this theory have some real problems if done: first and obviously, they have to prove it's not a "Poppin'Party 2" or something like that. Second, I'm 99% sure that if they made this, some of the new girls will be a copy from the originals (for example, a new character, but with the exact same personality as Kasumi), and that's really dangerous, since this character will be seen as a "New Old Character" (and of course I don' t want any substitute for any girl).


  • Theory 4: Probably the theory I hope the most that happens. They simply end BanG Dream! as a whole. That's right, I said that, but let me explain. This is like a "Part 2" of the Theory 1, since I believe they will go on with this idea. But after the third season, there will be no more Bandori, and I think some of the reasons is Kasumi's age. You see, when we talk about girls like Aya, Chisato, Sayo and Kaoru, they all are main girls, but Kasumi IS the protagonist, so it makes sense if they stop when Kasumi "graduates". I know creating an excuse for the others and not for the main seems strange, but being a protagonist, it has more risk when changing something. Think with me: messing any point about Chisato is not as expressive as changing Kasumi, since Chisato does not have a major role in the main story, nor she does have as much spotlight as a protagonist (she is just an example, I'm not saying Chisato or any other girl is not important). I think this is a chance for them to end in a intelligent way (since they will have time to make an satisfatory ending), and we will have one or two years to say goodbye to this franchise. Obviously I don't want this lovely story to end, but I know I will have to let it go in some time, and seeing all the girls growing as times passes (especially my dear Kasumi) does have an impact on us, spectators. Who doesn't want a happy ending for all these characters?

There are my conclusions. Thanks for reading! What you guys think about? Any questions? Refutations? Comment below!!!

April 20, 2019 10:47:13 +0000 (UTC)


Hey guys!

We are already on the half of the challenge! Let's continue on this pace!

Day 15: Favorite origin story!


First of all, since I'm new in the game, I did only read 10 chapters of each band story (saving stars for the future), so I don't know if I will make a fair choice or not... And I don't know if we can considerate Poppin'Party since their origin was told on the anime, and not on the game... So, what should I do?


I will just choose based on what I saw until now. And I will choose PoPiPa (wow, what a surprise!).


Sorry, I am a Poppin'Party fanboy, so I will love everything they appear on...

Let me explain at least. My opinion can change, but at the moment Poppin'Party was the only band I saw the "complete origin", because it was from the anime. And even knowing the anime is not as good as it should be, I loved the story. I really liked how they became friends and how they surpassed their problems because of that. And obviously, the part I liked the most was the Saya and Kasumi "arc". Another thing I appreciate is the character development, since everyone evolved when they entered the band. Kasumi learned she doesn't need to be alone to solve her personal problems, Arisa and Tae learned the value of a real friendship, Rimi learned she does need courage and will to move on her own, and Saya learned she can be happy. All in all, I really love their story!

But just not to be fair, let's choose a story from the game as a honorable mention. And surprisingly, I will choose Pastel*Palettes this time.


This story really surprised me. On the contrary of HaroHapi, they didn't befriended so easily, and different from Roselia, they did not have a common objective. Their story is very unique, since they learn how to interact and work as a team. It is probably the most interesting story and the best among the 5!

That's it! Until tomorrow, guys! ;)

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