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Woop <3


April 07, 2017 20:01:52 +0000 (UTC)


A note about card/member IDs:

  • The internal character ID is member[id] - 5.
  • The internal card ID is card[id] - 500.

This may be useful when using Bandori Party's API in conjunction with other data sources 😎.

edit "test" "test" 'test'

April 30, 2017 02:59:23 +0000 (UTC)



banner by natsushi

Bandori.Party is Live!

Hurray! It's the start of a new website by and for our lovely rhythm-game lovers community!

To start - we would like to thank a few groups: the wonderful staff team (particularly Deby) for making this website and giveaway possible; community artists, who provided us with additional prizes; and finally, our patrons, who provide us with the funds to run these giveaways and websites.

Speaking of patrons - they allow us to run our websites ad-free and enjoyable for everyone. Servers are expensive, and patrons are what funds these projects. Without them, we would not be able to hold these giveaways (but then again, the website itself wouldn't be there). And while being a patron isn't required to enter the giveaway, it does multiply your chances by 3, so please consider supporting us!

Support Bandori Party on Patreon!

Now, here comes the fun part - the giveaway! We have decided to giveaway some official merchandise from Japan, as well as some wonderful artworks by community artists in celebration of the launch! Entering is simple - simply click on the following link!

Click here to join the giveaway!

Once again, you don't need to be a patron to enter, but it does multiply your chances by 3, so please consider supporting us! And for those who don't want to become a patron, it's OK! There are other ways to support us - some of which also multiplies your chances~



  • Only ONE entry per person (+ extra points if any). We will check and remove all entries from cheaters!
  • You can multiply your chances to win by 2 if you follow @BandoriParty on Twitter
  • You can multiply your chances to win by 4 if you tweet about the launch (only using the tweet template provided when you enter the giveaway)
  • You can multiply your chances by 3 if you support us on Patreon <3
  • Follow + Tweet multiplies by 5
  • Follow + Patreon multiplies by 4
  • Tweet + Patreon multiplies by 6
  • Follow + Tweet + Patreon multiplies by 7
  • 5 different winners will be picked randomly (the randomizer will take into account multipliers)
  • Winners will be contacted by email, so make sure you use a valid email address!
  • Winners will be picked in a certain order and will be able to pick their favorite prize in that order. For example, if you're 2nd, and the 1st winner picked a custom drawing, you can pick any prize except that particular custom drawing.
  • The prizes are physical items, so we will need your mailing address. However, the drawings will be digital and sent to you personally!

Click here to enter the giveaway!

May 03, 2018 09:28:22 +0000 (UTC)


Does anyone know where I can buy Patel Palettes first single with the cards/posters included? Or pre-order it?

May 03, 2017 01:34:14 +0000 (UTC)



banner by violetR


In conjunction with our launch giveaway, the staff team is pleased to announce our first community event - Bandori.Party Battle of the Bands! We apologize for the various delays we've had, they were caused by unexpected errors in our planning as well as the majority of our staff team being busy for a short while, and would like to thank the users who have had so much patience with us!

And now that we've finished the introduction, let us begin introducing the event~!

General Outline

The purpose of this event is to rack up points for a band of your choice by participating in moderated live rooms! After event sign-ups are over, we will announce which band you will be representing - please keep in mind that you may not get your first choice band, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone into either their first or second choices. In each live room, we will have at least one moderator (who will be representing a band as well), as well as one player from every other band. These players and moderator will then play a song (which will be 'voted' on by players, provided that they fit with the 'theme'), and will be judged based on performance, and will receive points based on their performance. Each live room will have a specific "theme" that will be rotated throughout the duration of our sessions - a specific list can be found below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The majority of our communication will be done through Discord - be sure to have an account, and have joined our Discord group!

Specifics - Scoring System

The scoring system is based off a “Perfect Million” scoring system, where each player will be scored out of one million points based on their performance. More details and formula are available here. Players will also receive bonuses to their score based on their chosen difficulty, as indicated below:

  • Easy → no bonus
  • Normal → +20 000 to total score (2% of total possible score)
  • Hard → +50 000 to total score (5% of total possible score)
  • Expert → +90 000 to total score (9% of total possible score)

After each player has been scored, and difficulty bonuses applied, players will then be ranked against each other based on their total score, to receive points for their band. The number of points each player will receive are broken down as such:

  • 1st Place → 10 pts.
  • 2nd Place → 8 pts.
  • 3rd Place → 7 pts.
  • 4th Place → 6 pts.
  • 5th Place → 5 pts.

Furthermore, there are additional bonuses/penalties! For those overachievers out there, there's a bonus for full comboing a song - 1 point on Easy or Normal, and 2 points on Hard or Expert! Also, should a player be exhausted (this will be determined by your number of Bads/Misses at the end of the song - healers will not help!) by the end of the song, there is a deduction of 3 points (not score!) to the number of earned points for that run. Please keep the above points in mind while selecting your difficulty for songs - be sure to play at the appropriate difficulty~

Specifics - Song Rotation

As explained above, the songs that are available to be played in rooms will be based on a specific 'theme'. There is a list of these available themes, which will be randomly picked before a room is hosted.

  1. Poppin' Party! {Original Songs}
  2. Roselia {Original Songs}
  3. Pastel * Palettes {Original Songs}
  4. Afterglow {Original Songs}
  5. Hello Happy World! {Original Songs}
  6. Poppin' Party! {Cover Songs}
  7. Roselia {Cover Songs}
  8. Pastel * Palettes {Cover Songs}
  9. Afterglow {Cover Songs}
  10. Hello Happy World! {Cover Songs}
  11. Any Song!

These will be selected via a random number generator - however, moderators may repick a theme based on their own judgement, should they feel a certain theme is selected too often, or a certain theme is not being used often enough.

Specifics - Conduct During the Event

Of course, there's all the stuff about being nice to one another, having good sportsmanship, and other such things that needs to be mentioned in this section... But this section is not only for these matters, but also things that help make our lives easier!

  1. Changing Your Nickname in the Discord Server - After the event begins, please include your Bandori username in your Discord nickname, if it isn't the same/already in there. You do not have to delete your existing username - for example, simply attach your Bandori username at the end of your username, like this: < Username > [ Bandori Username ].

  2. Setting your In-Game tag to Support your Band - Be sure to show support for your band by setting your in-game 'tag' to support your band! This also helps with keep track of who's part of what team during lives, helping us organize players, thanks for doing this in advance~

  3. Setting your Discord Status - If you are not available for play at any time during the sessions, for one reason or another, but don't want to be disconnected from Discord/the chat, be sure to set your status to Idle/Do Not Disturb! We will not select you to participate in a live should your status be set to Idle/Do Not Disturb. Being available when you're selected really helps with running the event smoothly, so this is an important note! Additionally, the reverse also applies - if you want to be selected, be sure to set your status to Online!

  4. Setting a Team Leader - Please do NOT use a Perfect Lock leader for your teams! Because players will be judged based off their performance instead of their score, Perfect Lock skills will severely affect results. Yes, we get that you want to support your band by showing off the best copy of the card you have. However, we sincerely ask all users to refrain from using a Perfect Lock leader, thank you~

If you don't know how to perform any of the above things, simply comment below or contact us, and we will do our best to provide assistance!

Specifics - Exhaustion

Many users have been confused about our rules about Exhaustion during a live, as we cannot accurately measure whether or not somebody fails. Therefore, we have enacted a new system that will allow for more flexibility and accuracy when declaring whether somebody is "exhausted" or not.


  • At the end of the live, each player's Bads and Misses are tallied up, then added together to form a "penalty score".
  • For the purposes of the penalty score, each Bad will count as half a point, and each Miss will count as one point.
  • A player will be declared "Exhausted" if this penalty score exceeds a certain threshold.
  • This threshold will be determined by 2% of the total notes in the song, always rounded up to the nearest half number.
  • Even if a player is not actually exhausted at the end of a live, if their penalty score exceeds the threshold for that song, they will be declared "exhausted".
  • Conversely, even if a player gets exhausted in-game, as long as their penalty score does not exceed the threshold, they will not be declared "exhausted" for the purposes of the event.
  • Unlike the scoring system, this mechanic has not been tested by our moderators or staff team. This system may be changed during the event (especially regarding the % of notes that makes up the threshold value) should it be deemed 'inappropriate'.

Tentative Schedule

Bandori.Party Battle of the Bands will be held over a period of two "meta" periods (where events are not taking place). Here is a schedule for this next "meta" period (05.19 - 05.21). Once again, you do NOT need to participate in every session~!

Regular Sessions

These sessions will take place at the following times, provided that there are enough members from each band to do so. You may not join a room with a moderator from your own team - keep this in mind! (Moderators' teams are provided in brackets)

LatidoReMe (HaroHapi)

  • Saturday / 05.20 / 6:00 UTC
  • Sunday / 05.21 / 6:00 UTC

BAGU (Poppin')

  • Friday / 05.19 / 18:00 UTC
  • Friday / 05.19 / 20:00 UTC
  • Saturday / 05.20 / 10:00 UTC

TiffyNinja (Roselia)

  • Friday / 05.19 / 4:00 UTC
  • Friday / 05.19 / 6:00 UTC
  • Saturday / 05.20 / 4:00 UTC

aorteau (Aglo)

  • Friday / 05.19 / 23:00 UTC
  • Saturday / 05.20 / 22:00 UTC
  • Sunday / 05.21 / 22:00 UTC

Nacko (Aglo)

  • Friday / 05.19 / 22:00 UTC
  • Saturday / 05.20 / 23:00 UTC
  • Sunday / 05.21 / 23:00 UTC

Infinity (PasuPare)

  • Friday / 05.19 / 20:00 - 21:00 UTC
  • Saturday / 05.20 / 20:00 - 21:00 UTC

Wildcard Sessions

This is a new free session system. Staff will be available all day to fill in during times of high volume and traffic, as well as allow more flexibility within the schedule. They will run as normal games, but will happen sporadically.

Staff are also allowed to host a session at any time besides the times they assigned themselves. The only limitation is that they are required to have 4 members of competing bands online to do so.

violetR (PasuPare)

  • Friday / 05.19 / 10:00 - 16:00 UTC
  • Saturday / 05.20 / 10:00 - 16:00 UTC

Passionate (HaroHapi)

  • Friday / 05.19 / ???
  • Saturday / 05.20 / ???

natsushi (Poppin')

  • Friday / 05.19 / ???
  • Saturday / 05.20 / ???

jadii (Roselia)

  • Friday / 05.19 / ???
  • Saturday / 05.20 / ???


And of course, we can't forget about prizes! The prizes for this event will be badges on our site, Bandori.Party! Each and every participant will receive a badge for participating, and the members of the winning band will receive an additional badge, be sure to show them off your friends!

Miscellaneous Rules + FAQ

Any further questions about the event that wasn't answered in this post, or any of the related documents? Feel free to PM us or comment your question below, and we'll answer it to the best of our ability!

Furthermore, should any additional rules need to be added (for the sake of organization, balancing, and whatnot), they will be posted in this section, so stay tuned!

Rules about Exhaustion - Read in Section "Specifics - Exhaustion"

Summary: If you miss a certain number of notes (2% of the total notes in the song), you will be declared "exhausted", regardless of whether you actually failed or not. Conversely, even if you are actually exhausted, as long as your misses don't exceed this number, you will not be declared "exhausted" for the sake of this event. In regards to this rule, two Bads will count as a Miss.

1. What is Garupa?

Garupa is the shortened form of BanG Dream!, taking the "Girls' Band Party" part of the name.

2. Does my centre have to be a member of my assigned band? Do all members have to be from my assigned band?

No, your centre/team can be made up of any member you wish. At the same time, there's nothing against it, so if you want to show off a shiny 4* from your favorite band, go for it! However, like stated above, no Perfect Lock leaders please!

3. Speaking of Perfect Lock leaders, can I use them anywhere else on my team?

Yes! Since their skills will NOT be activating during live shows, it is fine to have Perfect Lock characters on your team, provided they are not your leader.


We look forward to seeing everyone at the event~!

edit on May 5th - addition of a FAQ, as well as tentative schedule
edit on May 12th - fixed Discord link + added rules about exhaustion
July 31, 2017 04:16:20 +0000 (UTC)


Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 6

Game News

Earlier this week, "great escape" covered by Afterglow released. It's a pretty nice cover at varying difficulties! We also are getting "Fuwa Fuwa Time" tonight from PasuPare! You should be able to pick it up when the newest event, featuring 3 Star Rinko and 2 Star Ako, Happy Summer Vacation begins! The event comes with a LIMITED GACHA featuring a 4 Star Lisa, 3 Star Himari, and 2 Star Aya!

Besides this, the Livestream was pretty quiet and only left hints for a few songs. One of them being a "popular anime" and a "vocaloid song"! What could they be?

Merchandise & CD News

Also announced from the CiRCLE live broadcast, the announcement of "That Is How I Roll!" from Afterglow on 06 September blew us away! Be sure to preorder in a few weeks when it becomes available. We will definitely let you know when that is from our twitter!

We also got an announcement about a brand new Girl's Band Party Collab Cafe! There are a ton of goods for sale at the cafe, including large canvas prints of the band vocalists, posters/wallscrolls, limited acrylic keychains and coasters you can take home when you dine in! The Cafe will run 10 August thru 8 September, so if you're in Tokyo you should make a reservation quick!

In micronews, if you have a JP LINE account, you can get GBP stickers to annoy your friends with "Shuwa Shuwa" all day long.

Don't forget, you can still preorder "Egao no Orchestra" from CDJapan. It releases in 2 days on 2 August. The GBP Twitter announced that there will be another Oricon Chart challenge! Get the HaroHapi girls into the top 10 so we all receive the Sentai-Mask models in-game!

July 23, 2017 23:29:47 +0000 (UTC)


Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 5

Game News

A new event and gacha is once again upon us, and not only is it a new event, but a new event type! The Challenge Live event is introduced with "When the Bud Blooms". You can view a series of tweets written by Banpa user Rimirin to help you out if you're still confused. The event features Maya and Aya, while the Gacha is Chisato, Eve and Hina. Good luck! The last event story, Tomoe SOS! was translated by Inuzuka28.

Another Livestream will take place on 28 July, covering more game and GBP news as usual. You can view information on where to view the stream from the official twitter. The stream begins at 9pm JST.

Additionally, we personally have found if you completely fail 3 consecutive multilives (as in, no notes are hit at all) you will be banned from participating in multilives for an hour! We didn't know this was new news or not, but we wanted to share with you! Thanks, Passionate!

Merchandise & CD News

Roselia's second stint of their first live continues, displaying goods online for purchase from 21 July to 7 August. Thanks for the information, Bandori Updates! Among the goods for order is a Live Shirt, Towel, Wristband and Memorial pins, as well as a violet penlight, display picks, totebags, bromides, and keychains. Additionally, Roselia head a niconama where they announced their 3rd single, "Nesshoku Starmine" with an accompanying event on 8 October.

Saaya and Arisa have previews for their individual character singles now! If you can already preorder both Saaya's and Arisa's singles through CDJapan! They release 26 July. There will also be piano scores available on 10 August from 10 differen Poppin'Party songs. Thank you Bandori Updates for the info!

Also, don't forget about that Hello, Happy World! single dropping on 2 August! The CD bonus includes a random bromide, A4 Poster and a release event ballot. Preorder your copy now through CDJapan. However if you were late to the party, the preorder rewards for this are not available.

July 17, 2017 05:50:19 +0000 (UTC)


Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 4

Game News

Tomoe and Ako's event and gacha are still ongoing! Keep track of the event here. The gacha will remain until the next event starts. Also announced is the inclusion of two new songs from Poppin'Party and Roselia, taken from the OVA! Thanks for the info, Bandori Updates!

The game will be updating to build 1.7 at 2 AM JST, following the conclusion of Tomoe and Ako's event. This update will include missions, live boost recovery items, and increased EXP for lives performed.

Finally, Shuwarin' Dreamin' obtained a spot in the Top 5 on the Oricon charts! Every user will be obtaining the Pastel*Palette's training outfits for each girl in game at a later date.

Anime News

This past weekend, the BanG Dream! OVA premiered across Japan in theatres. Bandori Updates reported two screenshots from the OVA featuring Roselia and Poppin'Party on their summer vacation, and that the OVA will be formally released on Blu-ray 7.

Merchandise News

In merch land, we are seeing more and more GBP items! There is an event ongoing until the end of the month right now with BanG Dream! Featuring Girl's Band Party. Merchandise on sale features the Poppin'Party art accompanying the Kasumi birthday illustrations as a wallscroll, buttons, acrylic keychains, fans and clearfiles. There's also an additional metal keychain set available.

For the others, they have band stickers for every girl, clear files and lanyards of each band! They also have a smart phone case for purchase, featuring the logo and icons from the game.

Bandori Updates also let us know about Comiket92 goods that will be available from Poppin'Party and the other GBP bands. There will be a Tote, pouch, and keychain available featuring the game's main image, a Roselia Polo, and band phone cases, as well as some edgy wallet keychains and clearfiles. Everything here but the clearfiles will be sold online 3-17 August following Comiket!

Our last bit of merchandise news are trendy hairpin and bracelet combos. They are available for 5900¥ from Kanzashi OEM, I personally think they are super cute and different from most merchandise I see released~

July 11, 2017 02:40:13 +0000 (UTC)


Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 3

Game News

This week, "God Knows..." covered by Poppin'Party will be added to the CiRCLE Shop coinciding with the next event. You can view a demo of the Extreme beatmap. Additionally, we will be starting a new event soon details to be updated after event start. Countdown here~!

We also upgraded to v 1.6 of the game build. The updates themselves are pretty minor. You can view the details from Bandori Updates.

Band-specific News

Roselia News

Rosenlied will be having a live viewing for the second show on 29 July. You can view venues here!

Poppin'Party News

Arisa and Saaya's singles are next to be released. They will be releasing on 26 July! Arisa's single will be titled "S-suki nan ka janai!" and her acoustic song will be "Natsuzora Sun! Sun! Seven!". Saaya's orginal single is "Tooi Ongaku Heartbeat", and her acoustic will be "Starbeat Hoshi no koudou". Preorders for Arisa's Single and Saaya's Single are already available! You can view more details on what comes with preorders on the official site.

Also, the art of Popppin'Party that matches Kasumi's birthday box that comes out this month are being previewed before release.

Other Merchandise News

New sets of acrylic charms are being released. They feature each band member! Super exciting to get GBP merchandise finally! You can preview them here and here. These will release in September.

July 04, 2017 02:46:14 +0000 (UTC)


Bandori.News Round Up! vol. 2

Game News

This week, Guren No Yumiya covered by Roselia was added to the CiRCLE Cover shop. You can view a demo of the Extreme Map Here. Other than that, we were surprised with a double 4star gacha featuring the Hikawa Twins and an event with a 3star Aya. Countdown here~!.

Anime News

The screening info for the OVA viewings were released!. They announced some more additional goods like Roselia's very own button set.

Band-specific News

Roselia News

Roselia's very first live, Rosenlied occurred this past week! Catch up on the event through this hashtag on twitter. Congrats to Roselia on a successful live!

Additionally, ESP announced the Roselia collaboration guitars for Sayo and Lisa. These are very special guitars so they cost quite a bit, but they are also very high quality!

Roselia also was featured in this month's Dengeki G's magazine, and the spread featured is being released as a wallscroll. Thanks for the tip, Bandori Updates!

Poppin'Party News

This weekend also saw the first concert from Popipa overseas! We have a write up on it from BanPa user LatidoReMe. Additionally, check out the view of the BanG Dream! booth from the official Bushiglobal account! Congrats to Aimi and the rest of Poppin'Party for their success at Bushifest. We missed you, Hasshi!

Pastel*Palettes News

A new short commercial released this week to boost the sales of Pastel*Palette's very first single, Shuwarin' Dreamin'. Preorder it here to get a signed bromide.

June 26, 2017 23:15:55 +0000 (UTC)


Bandori.News Round Up!

Hi all! We've decided to roll out a weekly news round up for everything that happens in Bandori news! If we miss anything, feel free to comment below (with source, if not you) so we can add it. Without further ado, here we go!

Game News

Upcoming Update for July

As reported by Bandori Updates, we will see a new event type and new game features!. These are detailed to be Challenge Event, and the additions of rewards for fulfilling certain conditions in the game. We will also see a friends system and an SS Rank included next month!

As for song covers, we have already announced the inclusion of "Guren No Yumiya", sung by Roselia and "Great Escape" from Afterglow from the anime Attack on Titan. Roselia's cover will be due at the end of this month, while Afterglow and two other covers will be added next month! These upcoming covers are "God Knows..." by Poppin'Party, as well as "Fuwa Fuwa Time" from Pastel*Palettes.

Additional news

With the commencement of the Roselia Event, we received a new original song, Hidamari Rhodonite. This is the B-Side of the Re:Birth Day single.

The very 1st election poll has ended, and Hello, Happy World! will be getting their own original song and illustration based around the "School Festival" theme! Congrats!

Anime News

The special OVA has been announced to have advanced screenings around Japan. These will be occurring throughout July and August. To get into a screening, you would have had to ballot through the release of the second bluray release.

Every person who gets to go will receive a free clear file featuring Roselia and Poppin'Party! There will be additional goods for sale, such as buttons, wall scrolls, messenger bags and shirts.

Concert & Single News

Bandori Updates also reported on two new Garupa-themed events. We don't have much information on these events except the dates, so please keep checking in to see if more info became available!

Roselia News

The first Roselia live has been announced to be titled Rosenlied, which occurs July 30. In addition, there will be a second date for their live, which is July 29! View more info here! Also announced for Roselia is a performance at Anisama, occurring August 25! This is a very great opportunity for Roselia, as this is the largest group concert in Japan!

Re:Birth Day was released on June 28! It contains a ballot ticket for the second day of Roselia's live. You can ballot up til July 2. Thanks for the info, Bandori Updates!

Poppin'Party News

Tae & Rimi have released their own character singles this week on June 21. Also, don't forget about Poppin'Party's 4th Live, MIRACLE PARTY! -- This will be happening August 21. Balloting period has ended for this event.

Additionally, if you are in the Los Angeles area next weekend, don't forget about the Poppin'Party live at Bushiroad Grandfest! You can find more information on their website.

Pastel*Palettes News

The final artwork for the very first PasuPare single, Shuwarin' Dreamin' has been revealed! It will release July 12, and pre-orders will come with a signed bromide from the characters. Get yours!

Hello, Happy World! News

Harohapi get their first single release, Egao no Orchestra and the initial cover design was previewed. It's due on August 2!

June 04, 2017 04:50:48 +0000 (UTC)



Have you noticed in the world of Bandori, there's all sorts of managers? We have the old lady in SPACE, our fearless leader Marina at CiRCLE... But we don't have one for Bandori.Party!

We don't have many guidelines, because we want to see what you come up with! All we ask is you design a live-house manager with Bandori.Party in mind! If you don't think you're the best artist, we will take your design idea and one of our staff artists will redraw your vision! You don't have to do a fully rendered art piece to win!



Why a Manager?

In the BanG Dream! Universe, its focused on girl bands operating in girl-band specialised live houses. As a database and "hub" for the game, we think having a manager mascot would be an obvious choice. Even though it seems like there aren't many men in this universe, we aren't closing that option for the contest. So just submit what you think will be the best fit for a Bandori.Party manager!

Okay, so, What's a Bandori.Party Live House?

Not being literal here, it's just the theme for this contest. We're pretending that the site is like a live-house, due to the parallels in the networking/hub like atmosphere, and asking for a 'manager'.

What do you mean by a 'rendered image'?

This would mean you provided a full body image, fully colored/shaded and in high resolution. However, we realise not all great ideas come from people who can fully render their idea.

So, what should I include if I submit just a design?

You can be as detailed or not as you would like, however keep in mind overall design will be judged. So we'd like to see a hairstyle, hair/eye color, the outfit, any accessories they might have, and a color palette.

What Happens to my design if it wins?

This is covered in the Terms & Conditions you accept when you submit your design/image. Please read it on the submission form.

Anything else?

Please take all the liberties you want, but keep in mind that the character is a manager of the Bandori.Party live house, and should reflect that. You can name them for an added touch if you'd like. If you have anymore questions, we would be happy to answer them below in the comments!

Contest Ended 08/01/17