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April 28, 2018 05:48:52 +0000 (UTC)


We already have quite a few cover songs out, but what other songs do you want to be covered?

Personally i would love to see:

Clannad After Story ~ Chiisana Tenohira
Clannad After Story OP - Toki wo Kizamu Uta
Nil Admirari no Tenbin OP - Tandeki Mirage-ism
Fresh Precure! OP ~ Let's! Fresh Precure!
Sailor Moon OP ~ Moonlight Densetsu
Blend S OP ~ Bon Appétit♡S
Ouran High School Host Club OP ~ Sakura Kiss

And that's only to name a few songs i would want to be covered~

December 24, 2018 09:47:41 +0000 (UTC)


Greetings, community members. I am known here, as marshmallowbox. I joined yesterday, or (just the day of) Sunday December 23th, of 2018, sometime around 8-9 PM. My favorite girl seems to be Misaki (Okusawa), she really seems like someone I can relate to, most of the time, but anyways - all the girls (and boys) are best girls (or boys). Uh, feel free to ask me more things, if you want to, I guess.

August 21, 2018 22:51:32 +0000 (UTC)

Moca pls come home when the dreamfest comes next year. Ah forgot to make a introduction during...

Moca pls come home when the dreamfest comes next year.

Ah forgot to make a introduction during on here so I been lurking on here a few weeks but here we go anyway.

I'm Yuzu and I would die for Moca and Ran since I myself am a MocaRan shipper.

Favorite Bands: Afterglow>Pastel*Palettes>Hello, Happy World!>Roselia>Poppin Party

Favorite girl from each bands: Moca>Aya>Kokoro>Yukina>O-Tae

I started playing Bandori since april 7th and I have been loving it almost everyday since then I started from playing easy to now playing expert mode but I can only play lvl 24,25 and some lvl 26 expert songs for now ( my fingers would be exhausting from playing lvl 27 and lvl 28 songs )

My favorite bands so far as Afterglow,Pastel*Palettes and HHW

Currently my best girls are Moca ( mostly cause she too cute ),Ran, Aya,Chisato and Kokoro

My other ones are Yukina,Misaki,Kanon,O-Tae and Kaoru

Since there, there are already a pack of ships in bandori that I could never catch up to it ( especially the rare ships ) but I usually look at the OTP mostly. ( but I'll stan any ships as long as it isn't incest )

I'm hoping to make more bandori friends but my bandori id is 320506 and currently saving for the Dreamfest next year since I'm hoping to scout for both Dreamfest Moca and Ran.

I'm also into Revue Starlight,Danganronpa,Fate Grand Order and Girls Frontline as well ( but I mostly love Revue Starlight and Fate Grand Order)

Anyway,that all I have to say on here. I'm hoping to see Season 2 and 3 when it comes.

December 09, 2018 05:12:44 +0000 (UTC)

i FINALLY found the template. it is my time to shine. also paint tool sai doesnt have a text option....

i FINALLY found the template. it is my time to shine. also paint tool sai doesnt have a text option. my hand is dying.

May 23, 2018 12:29:09 +0000 (UTC)


Change My Mind Challenge


My best girl is Sayo. In my opinion she is the most interesting character to be explored in Bandori because her background and......her conflicted relationship with Hina.

This is my list of reasons why Sayo is my best girl :

  • She has feminine voice (not too cute, which is my favorite type of voice). She is one of the most polite character I think (I prefer characters who is polite). Plus, she looks very graceful
  • Her hardworking personality is her positive trait, though she is known as strict person.
  • From the start of story, she is skilled at guitar, made Yukina got impressed with her guitar play. (although in her opinion Hina is better. But don't worry, Sayo! For me, you're the best!)
  • Her personality is very unique (known for her bitter personality), considering Bandori (and idol theme game) have a lot of cheerful/sweet/friendly characters and if there's any not-too-friendly character, it's just calmer or cooler.
  • Sayo's problem is relatable in real life (a lot of people have said this). I get the similar problem as her, I find myself being inspiration to my closest friends only to have them outshine me in things we're into together. At the same time I'm envious but I also can't truly hate them (not even I can distant myself like Sayo did to Hina)
  • In Roselia story she frequently was in conflict with Ako regarding "admiration-to-your-older-sister". However, she willingly helped Ako to study in one conversation, implying she care about her.
  • [MINOR SPOILER] I love how the staff explored her story and her relationship with Hina, from beginning until the resolution (Umbrella in The Autumn Rain). Even in 3* Sayo 's first story (from Umbrella in The Autumn Rain) told the reason why she dislikes carrot.
  • [MAJOR SPOILER] And the notable part is................about her relationship with Hina, which became the major point of her story. We know that Sayo has been envious with Hina for long time. However, as a sister, obviously, she still care about Hina. The first development occured in Tanabata event, when she wished to spend more time with Hina. And yes, she make it herself. (implied in Umbrella in the Autumn Rain event)
  • [MAJOR SPOILER] And the best point is.............HER CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Sayo realized that Hina always be there for her, even though she often became mean to her. In this moment, she decided to express her frustation to Hina, leading to her resolution. Later, Sayo became warmer and nicer. The notable example is when she decided to learn how to bake cookies in order to make cheer Roselia like Lisa usually do (Mismatched!? Silly Sweets Classroom Event Start! event). tl;dr : She goes from "Angry girl who quit herself from her band after performing" to "Nice girl who bakes cookies to cheer you up".
  • Along with Hina, she actually likes junk food, especially french fries (yes, who doesn't?)
  • I remembered in one time she said that she doesn't really care about appearance, which is her similarity to me.
  • Bonus : She actually likes animals (maybe dogs)
Her picture is from card of the new Roselia event. I edited it with template from canva
December 23, 2018 18:31:01 +0000 (UTC)

i hope i'm not too late to jump onto the bandorisona bandwagon,,, anyway, it's a me!! i chose...

i hope i'm not too late to jump onto the bandorisona bandwagon,,,

anyway, it's-a-me!! i chose bass as my instrument bc im interested in playing it and i'm seeing my school's music teacher for the occassional private lessons owo

i'm also korean-american! my father and maternal grandparents were born in seoul :0

as for my personality, i'm a master at dry humor (in other words, i'm very snarky and i take pride in it) and i'm somewhat quiet, but i'm a lot more outgoing and talkative when i'm with friends, and i get super excited when talking about things i like!!

December 21, 2018 23:17:58 +0000 (UTC)

Akari appreciation post! We need more fanart of her, she’s so precious and extremely underrated;;

Akari appreciation post! We need more fanart of her, she’s so precious and extremely underrated;;

December 23, 2018 09:27:50 +0000 (UTC)


Heeeey I’m jumping the Bandorisona bandwagon but I can’t edit stuff or digitally draw to save a life sooooooo there’s just her bio instead. I can draw her traditionally though, if anyone wants to see her haha

Name: Lightning

School year: high school 2nd year/junior

Age: 16

Color: red

Birthday: January 26th

Astrological sign: Aquarius

Height: 166 cm (5’6)

Fave foods: pizza, chocolate, most junk food

Disliked food: pineapple (allergic uwu) and most seafood

Hobbies: naps, rhythm games, watching way too many vines, anime

Instrument: vocals