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Hello~ My name is Lacey (she/her) and I'm obsessed with Bandori and all sorts of animes, I'm quite proud to say I've watched over 200 different series, a couple of my favorites including BanG Dream! (obvious, i know), Non Non Biyori (this was my very first anime!), Blend S, Happy Sugar Life, Monogatari Series, Nichijou, and far more! I enjoy all genres of anime, and I love horror just as much as I love a Slice of Life series~ I also really wanna learn an instrument but cannot atm due to costs and time limits... (; ̄Д ̄) enough about me though!

Currently saving up for: Image

I always try to rank in top 2500~ although I typically end up in 5000 now... (;; ̄д ̄)


Xbox: Bread Neko

I also have a discord! here's the join link!

Animes that I am currently watching are Haiyoru! Nyarko-san, Yuyushiki, and BanG Dream S3!

Also, my DM's are always open! If any of you need someone to talk to, then I'm here~!

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