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Hello~ My name is Lacey and I'm obsessed with BanG Dream! and also all kinds of animes, big weeb over here. My best girls do not go in any order, as they are all perfect; Moca, Hagumi, Arisa, Kanon, and Ako.

Currently saving up for: Image

I always try to rank in top 1000~ although I typically end up in 2500... (;; ̄д ̄)


My trashy Youtube channel

insta: uwuneko

Xbox: Bread Neko

I also have a discord! here's the join link!

Animes that I am currently watching are Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san and Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu!

Also, my DM's are always open! If any of you need someone to talk to, then I'm here~!

2 accounts: