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February 09, 2019 02:54:55 +0000 (UTC)


Hagumi got animal companions, and Saaya has bread fairies. I’m genuinely disappointed that Tomoe, Ako, and Tsugu didn’t get some kind of little mascots.

(On a side note, I just noticed that the girls in this event are the same as in the nurse Ako event.)

January 14, 2019 14:47:40 +0000 (UTC)


if lisa and arisa had a ship, would it be called lisarisa?

edit: conspiracy - would the japanese call their ship risarisa?

February 09, 2019 03:10:15 +0000 (UTC)

all I wanted to do was save stars for the Kaoru 4 star but now the Persona 5 event is coming. Idk...

all I wanted to do was save stars for the Kaoru 4 star but now the Persona 5 event is coming. Idk what to do h e l p

February 08, 2019 19:27:23 +0000 (UTC)


hi i just wanna say i love tomoe and she deserves the world. all hail our hot drummer mom.

February 01, 2019 22:57:45 +0000 (UTC)

So like I got bored and realized that Kokoro doesn't have a crying sprite, so;; I made this. This...

So like I got bored and realized that Kokoro doesn't have a crying sprite, so;; I made this.

This was a mistake-

January 27, 2019 10:22:52 +0000 (UTC)


hi banpa beans how are u, i just wanted to talk to y'all about the bandpa discord server just in case u havent already been bc

well i joined like a week or so ago and iit was great i mean i got to pick on ppl like usual guys would u believe ambi is a rly smol lady wowzers thats cute, shes the mod who gets beaten up the most its tragic y'all img

so that was good img


hehe img

so yah i was having a lot of cool dad fun right, but if theres one eternal fact of life ive witnessed for years at this point, its that kids will find me no matter where i go

and they will abuse me verbally img

with little to no mercy img

kids rly just dont care about ur soul they will eat u alive img

they tried to strip me of my rightfully obtained dad authority img


what more cna i say other than it was a unique experience and hey if you've thought about joininh the discord server.... well u should ✌ say hi to me if u see me but dont beat me up pls

ohhh AND THEN THERE WAS THIS MOMENT SOOOO ambi was asking me if i had a shorter nickname than bushido dad and then not too long after that

img img img

listen here cowboys and cowgirls, thats the first time i been called daddy and i reckon i aint been the same since yeehaw yeehow yeewhy

October 05, 2018 05:06:39 +0000 (UTC)


edit 2: hey fam, its come to my attention (as well as others here) thanks to allicat that there is a user in need of some support. shes struggling w/ feeling lonely and, as a result of that, self-harm is also a concern in this case. i used to deal w/ this myself when i was younger and it never helped anything, so im very sensitive to this issue and dont feel comfortable leaving this post up as is. the original post contained a joke about self-harm and i feel its highly inappropriate given the current situation.

please please support this user with an encouraging message or two if u can, everything makes a difference <3

February 06, 2019 21:40:50 +0000 (UTC)


6th day of the Bandori 30 day Challenge posted by okusawamiikun

Day 6: Favorite Pastel Palettes Character:


Hina is my favorite character of Bang Dream, brilliant, frank, funny and lovely, I love her interaction with Sayo, even if Sayo at first didn't want to be with her, that was the least that mattered to Hina, and always tries with all of herself to get some of love from her twin sister, she in PasuPare is certainly singular, sometimes is the voice of the reason and sometimes is a little clumsy with her actions or with the other girls, even with this last although it seems that she can exceed a little with her comments, she never does it with bad intention and always tries of learn more about other people and how she can enjoy the moment with them, is a very versatile character with much more for see of her, each time I see her, is a garantized funny or emotive moment, few characters awakes in me the appreciation that I have for her.

All Love For The Boppin Queen!