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July 12, 2018 14:05:16 +0000 (UTC)


To the people that don’t seem to understand why Roselia is winning the birthday voting, despite people saying why over and over again, here it is in simple points. (I’ve said pretty much the same thing under someone else’s post, but it was detected as spam and was deleted 🤣. Honestly, I was a bit mean in it anyways, so I’m kind of glad it did. I’m going to make this nicer since, in all honesty, the short time between that and this has caused my annoyance to lessen a bit)

  1. Of course we want our favorite band to play at our party. It’s OUR party. And I’m saying this for Poppin’ Party, Pastel Palettes, HHW, and Afterglow. You want them at your party, vote for them. It’s YOUR party. For me, if the question was, ‘Which band fits the birthday theme?’ then hell yea I’d vote for HHW. But it’s asking ‘Which band would you like to play at your birthday party?’ I’m choosing the band I want to play at MY party.

  2. Liking Roselia songs doesn’t mean we’re goth emo edgelords. I mean, do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? That’s like me saying, “Whoever likes HHW is a seven year old. Whoever likes Pastel Palettes is some girly girl that only thinks about pop music and shopping.”

I can only speak for myself as a Roselia fan, but what I like about Roselia and why I think they’re the best band is the music, the dorky characters, the dorky VAs, the relatable as heck things that are going on with them (Sayo’s complex to her sister, Yukina’s wanting to be the best, Lisa just wanting to be there for her best friend, Rinko’s shyness, and Ako trying to find her own ‘cool’), their dynamic, and how they’re a serious and professional band from jump. For me, Roselia has the whole package. It doesn’t mean I’m emo, doesn’t mean I’m goth, doesn’t mean I’m an edgelord.

  1. The voting theme itself is completely irrelevant compared to the vacation illustration we’ll get. Some voters want to send Roselia on vacation, see them in swimsuits, etc.

  2. Again, speaking for me, I’m not voting for Roselia because I have a ‘bias’ or whatever towards them, I’m voting for them because I would like to see them play at my party. If the question was, ‘Which band would you go grocery shopping with?’ I’d pick Afterglow. If the question was, ‘Which band would you go swimming with?’ I’d pick HHW. If the question was, ‘Which girl would you go clothes shopping with?’ I’d pick P*P.

  3. The whole ‘they wouldn’t want to play in a venue that’s beneath them’ argument is stupid and ridiculous. There are many performers who perform at venues that are ‘beneath them’ because it’ll make their fans happy.

  4. Honestly, you guys are becoming extremely annoying. Don’t you understand how annoying and unfair it is for Roselia fans to have to continue explaining why we want them at OUR parties but those who voted for the other bands don’t? Really, the ‘because they’re my favorite band and I would love them to have them play’ answer should’ve been it. But no. It just keeps going and going and going and it’s time to stop. People, just vote for who you want to vote for. If the band you like doesn’t get to a ranking where you can look at the final results and say to yourself, ‘You know, I did my best’, then the most you can do is try again next time.

Thank you for reading, if you even did I mean this is a lot, and I hope this helps even a little. And if point 6 bothers anyone, I’m sorry. I’m an extremely blunt person and this whole voting situation is bring it out in full force.

July 12, 2018 03:46:17 +0000 (UTC)


I have succesfully infiltrated Popipa, and replaced Tae as the Blue Member

July 13, 2018 00:58:27 +0000 (UTC)


me: changes my name to say that sorairo days doesnt work on my phone

someone: chooses sorairo days to be funny


edit: oh two ppl in a row thought it'd be funny to choose the 1 song that doesnt work

edit: stop huhehe-ing me if i tried to play Sorairo Days i'd either crash or my game wouldn't register a single note. do you not want to get a decent score?

July 14, 2018 00:59:14 +0000 (UTC)


since they added a song with all the lead vocalists, which is something i've wanted for forever, i decided to make a list of other things i really want them to add!

  • banners for specific characters
  • everyone to get their own songs and covers not just popipa
  • a cover of brave shine
  • a cover of any love live song
  • 4* guaranteed tickets (not the ones u get from payed gems, something similar to the 25 bt mechanic from sif)
  • songs/events with the crossover mix and match bands from the poll that happened a while ago (i can't find the poll so i hope u guys know what im talking about)
  • glittergreen cards (not just in the bg of cards like the one rimi event card)
July 13, 2018 17:58:57 +0000 (UTC)


oh my god im trying to save for hhw angst but the persona cards over here being tempting as hell

(ill be real i just want the himari and ran)

July 13, 2018 16:44:22 +0000 (UTC)


title of image

Guys, i am happy to announce that very soon i have completed my goal of saving up to 40k stars without buying with real money, just purely saving up!

Just 975 stars more and i am up at 40 000 stars!!!!!

July 15, 2018 08:46:51 +0000 (UTC)


idk about you but to me BanDori just radiates girl power. and not the kinda stuff you'd write on pink t-shirts for little girls but like, a genuine feeling of "girls (anyone) can do anything"

like the Owner in the anime wanting Space to be specifically a live house for girl bands so they'd have a place to play. or Roselia, just, as a whole. or Kokoro pulling in everyone around her just by being a natural entertainer. maybe it's because they never pull the "even though I'm a girl" thing & not all of them play in traditionally girly bands but nobody says anything about it, plus all the characters are so diverse and well-written everyone can identify with at least one

idk it might be just me but BanDori always fills me with a sense of "I can do that too" that's kind of difficult to describe. you go, my band girls.

July 17, 2018 10:49:13 +0000 (UTC)


I've been looking for bangdream jp acct. have complete 3's event cards, number of 4's doesn't matter I only need a complete 3's event cards 😭 Its a long story but in short I have already lost my jp acct. and I can't get it back even I want it... maybe there's someone here would giveaway an account I am lookin' for 😳

July 14, 2018 14:18:07 +0000 (UTC)


i made a michelle hairclip! im thinking of doing a casual misaki cosplay in it...

July 13, 2018 17:57:25 +0000 (UTC)


ok jesus thats the last one , i need to stop xD . These photos are so cursed yet hilarious lmao

Edit; how does this sht get 20+ likes yall are just as cursed as i am

July 15, 2018 03:33:37 +0000 (UTC)


ok so I've been watching a lot of roselia's live performances lately (and holy shit they're amazing) but HOT TAKE their drummer is everything... like this bih always has the biggest smile when she's playing and i honestly just want to enjoy life as much as she is

July 13, 2018 03:16:23 +0000 (UTC)


why are we fighting over who we want a goddamn birthday party

we should just have all 5 of them at a birthday party because they all deserve love and birthday parties