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Welcome~ You can call me Mystic or Juli! I'm a piece of trash girl who loves Chisato Shirasagi


I like to make trashy edits that hopefully, somehow, people can enjoy


Top 5 isn't enough for me to show my love for these girls, so here's a top 10

  1. Chisato
  2. Moca
  3. Lisa
  4. Himari
  5. Aya
  6. Misaki
  7. Maya
  8. Kanon
  9. Saaya
  10. Kokoro


Favorite original songs~

PoPiPa: Light Delight, 1000 Crying Skies, Sparkling Dreaming ~ Sing Girls ~, Boom Through Summer!

Afterglow: Hey-Day Capriccio

PasuPare: SURVIVOR Never Give Up!, Zettai Sengen ~ Recital ~, Mou Ichido Luminous

Roselia: Determination Symphony, -HEROIC ADVENT-, Neo-Aspect, Sanctuary

HaroHapi: Orchestra of Smiles!, Goka? Gokai!? Phantom Thief


Favorite cover songs~

PoPiPa: Hikaru Nara, DAYS, Life Will Change, Natsumatsuri, Romeo and Cinderella

Afterglow: Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan, Reach Out to the Truth, The Lost One's Weeping

PasuPare: Fuwa Fuwa Time, Happy Synthesizer

Roselia: Red Fraction, This Game, Charles

HaroHapi: Silhouette, Dragon Night, fantastic dreamer, Alien Alien, 1, 2 Fanclub, Romeo


4☆s evade me ;-;


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