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Hello everyone, I'm Anzu~

I'm not very good at this description stuff, beg your pardon.

If I had to rank girls and bands somehow then it would go like this:

Girls Ranking

  • Popipa: Kasumi>Arisa=Saya>Tae=Rimi
  • Afterglow: Tomoe=Ran>Tsugu>Moca>Himari
  • Roselia: Rinko=Sayo>Lisa>Yukina>Ako
  • Pasupare: Chisato>Aya=Eve>Maya>Hina
  • Harohapi: Misaki=Kanon>Kokoro>Hagumi=Kaoru
  • Monika: Mashiro=Tsukushi>Nanami>Touko=Rui
  • RAS: Rei=Reona>Masuki>Chu²=Rokka

Bands ranking:


Both rankings may or may not change, I don't know what awaits me in the future okay

I really am not good at ranking anyone, I think I almost got a heart attack thinking that I treated some fictional characte𝘳 worse than others, please send help it's not a drill

Something about me?

There you go my dear:
  • She/her
  • Unlucky (what is luck anyway? never heard of her)
  • Unfunny or more like I have really weird sense of humor but I try my best
  • Awkward
  • Confused most of the time

[color=blue]chillin and vibin™[/color]

Nice to meet you all~

Hope we can get along well

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