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### Heya! I'm LatidoReMe + I am most known in the BanG Dream! community for being a mod in Bandori Party's very own Battle of the Bands! However I actually am staff for this website now, so yeah. That's pretty hype. + Outside of Bandori, I play a bunch of other aidoru games and dabble in various projects with them. I stream a lot of these games as well as some other stuff, so that's my other big "scene" I suppose. + Also plan to get involved with music again too soon. uwu ------------------------------------------------------------------ Events ======== + [![🏮Welcome to Eve's Party🏮](]( **Tier**: 1161 because I forgot event end and couldn't catch up to top K **Reason**: [![My beloved Kanon](]( **Stars Used**: 7325-4500 special scout stars+Natural Star Gain=5175. 2150 stars less + I haven't done anything else yet so yea

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