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Hello! Name's Amanda, resident overachiever and 2* appreciator, nice to meet you!

The day I will finally FC ONENESS and Gokai Gokai is the day I can finally rest happily.

It’s all fun and games and good rates until you realize that rate-up is a lie.

4* Dupe Counter: 8 {2 Initial Tae, 2 Initial Arisa, 2 Initial Kasumi, 1 Starlight Journey Kasumi, 1 DreamFes Kanon}

3*s Needed For Full Sets: (This is more common that you'd actually believe) 3 {Teatime in Wonderland Arisa, Natural Wind Kasumi, Rainy Blue Rose Sayo}

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(Credit to both images goes to the very much amazing Alli!!)


[Managed to get a 4* Kasumi on my first ever pull in the game.]

[Rank 100 Achieved 25/5-18]

[Full Starlight Journey Set Achieved 31/7-18.]

[Full Fairy Set Achieved 31/7-18.]

[4*s of One Member of All Bands Achieved 11/30-18.]

[2 or more 4*Stars of Each Attribute Achieved 30/11-18.]

[Full Scarlet Sky Set Achieved 12/31-18.]

[Full Tanabata, Hikawa Edition, Set Achieved 12/31-18.]

[Full Sports Day Set Achieved 12/31-18.]

[Full Team of Happy 4* Achieved 1/31-19.]

[First Hard AP Achieved 1/17-19.]

[First EX AP Achieved 3/17-19.]

[All Instruments at Lvl 6 Achieved 3/25-19.]

[Full Team of Cool 4* Achieved 3/29-19.]

[Full Team of Pure 4* Achieved 3/29-19.]

[All Area Items Maxed Out 4/3-19.]

[One Scorer 4* For Every Attribute Achieved 4/4-19]

[Natural Wind Eve, Dream 4*, Brought Home With Miracle Ticker 4/4-19.]

[Full Sweet Suite Set Achieved 4/4-19.]

[Full CiRCLING Set Achieved 5/9-19.]

[Full Rockin' Nurse Set Achieved 5/9-19.]

[4*s For All Roselia Members Achieved 7/31-19.]

[Full Frosty Twinkle Blue Set Achieved 7/31-19.]

[Melodious Gears Lisa, One of My Ultimate Dream 4*s, Came Home 7/31-19.]

[25 4*s Achieved 7/31-19.]

[4*s of All AGlow Members Achieved 9/20-19.]

[10 Happy 4*s Achieved 9/20-19.]


[x] Get a full 4* Team. [Achieved 31/7-18.]

[x] Get a 4* of Eve. [Achieved 12/31-18.]

[] Get Elegant Rose Rinko, Somehow.

[x] Get at least 1 4* of at least one girl of each band. (5/5 Bands Achieved) {Currently have: PoPiPa, Roselia, PasuPare. Afterglow, HaroHapi} [Achieved 11/30-18.]

[x] Get one 4* of every attribute. (4/4 Attributes Achieved) {Currently have: Powerful, Happy, Cool, Pure.} [Achieved 31/7-18.]

[x] Get a Full Team of 4*s with members of the same band. [Achieved 7/31-19.]

[x] Get a Full Team of 4*s of the same attribute. [Achieved 1/31-19.]

[] Get all PoPiPa Initial 4*s. (4/5 Achieved) {Currently have: Kasumi, Tae, Arisa, Saaya.}

[] Get Full 4* Teams for All Attributes. (3/4 Achieved) {Currently have: Happy, Cool, Pure.}

[] Get a DreamFes 4* Scorer For Every Attribute. (2/4 Achieved) {Currently Have: Cool, Happy.}

The obligatory Best Girls Ranking:


Favourite Band In Terms Of:

Characters: image

Music/Songs: image

Favourite Original Song(s) of Each Band:

PasuPare: Mou Ichidou Luminous, Yura~Yura Ring-Dong-Dance, Zettai Sengen ~ Recital ~

PoPiPa: Saa Ikou!!, What's The POPIPA?!, Setsunai Sandglass, Girls' Code, WataChoco, Hachigatsu no If (Can you tell that I love PoPiPa songs yet?)

Roselia: LOUDER, ONENESS, Ringing Bloom, FIRE BIRD (I... Really like Roselia's songs)

AGlow: Rambling Memory, Easy Come, Easy Go! (Can you tell that I don't really adore most AGlow originals?)

HaroHapi: Wacha-Mocha-Pettan Koushinkyoku, Fuwa Fuwa Yumeiro Sandwich

Favourite Original(s) Overall: FIRE BIRD/What's The POPIPA?!

Favourite Cover Song(s) of Each Band:

PasuPare: Discotheque, Kanade

PoPiPa: Hikaru Nara, DAYS

Roselia: Charles, This Game, A Cruel Angel's Thesis, Tsukiakari no Michishirube

AGlow: Redo, Crow Song, Goya no Machiawase

HaroHapi: Go Go Maniac, Extra Magic Hour, Shanghai Honey, Himawari no Yakusoku (I think HaroHapi has my favourite pool of covers, even though they have some of my least favourite covers, too.)

Favourite Cover(s) Overall: Charles/Hikaru Nara

The Goal:


#TsuguAndHaguAndMayaProtectionSquad #StartTreatingPasuPareRightCraftuEgguUCowards #GiveMeWhiteDayTaeOrGiveMeDeath

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