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Pasu✽Pare fans please interact

✿ Shi - 18 - INTP - LG(B)T - Genderfluid (he/she) ✿ [EN/ES are ok!!]

✿ Best Girls ✿ (in order)

Eve Maya Rimi Kanon Aya Hina Chisato

well so, hello. I'm Shi, any pronoun is actually fine and I'm social awkward but full of love.

I'm only playing Global because I lost my old JP account (with some limited 4 * and events 3 *) so I kinda lost interest... I'm playing global really hard tho! So add me if you play all the events!

✿ OTPs ✿ (for anyone who wants to talk about somethng gay)

✿✿EveMaya✿✿ ✿KaoChisa ✿HinaAya ✿LisaYuki ✿RinAko

(i like almost every ship lol those are just my favs because i love lesbien girls)

✿Other fandoms ✿

I also play deresute and mirishita. Also a HUGE SideM fan ((probably my favourites idols??? i love those boys)) and kakupuri! I played enstars and LL too but that was a dark phase from a long long time ago (like two years now lol

✿ Extra ✿

Saving all my jewels 4 my limited Eve.

I don't have that many bandori's friends so! I want to try to be friendly here! Nice to meet you all!! And feel free to talk to me!!

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