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Hi! My name is MaruKitty and my posts are hot garbage. I also swear a lot, so... Soz.

Personal Band Ranking: PasuPare=HaroHapi>PoPiPa>Afterglow>Roselia

(I have a strong bias for PasuPare and HaroHapi)

Overall ranking for Top 3 Sayo=Hina>Kokoro=Tsugumi>Saaya=Maya

  • Poppin' Party ranking: Saaya=Rimi>Kasumi>Tae=Arisa

  • Afterglow ranking: Tsugumi>Himari>Moca=Tomoe=Ran

  • PasuPare ranking Hina=Maya=Aya=Chisato=Eve

  • Roselia ranking: Sayo>Lisa=Rinko=Ako>Yukina

  • HaroHapi ranking Kokoro=Misaki=Kaoru=Kanon=Hagumi

  • 15

  • Lesbian

  • Struggling emotionally and financially

  • Other alias- "Fake-ass bitch" but I prefer "MaruKitty"

  • A failure

  • Loves music and art

  • Hates sport

  • Indonesian (surprisingly)

Other fandoms I'm in

I know. I'm not in a lot actually... I would put in a Yume100 gif, but Yume100 is a game. I like Haku, and Lid, but I feel like Lid's parents were high when they named him. I also like Enstars (pls come home Kanata and Midori)

I have no soul. Have a nice day!

the new blackpink song is fire

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