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current name: ★P5 rerun took 4yrs★ or ミ★Rosy★彡

Cards in 2022 that i really wanted but failed to get:

  • Chiyu's With Unaccustomed Hands (LIMITED)
  • Tsukushi's Out of Breath, In Winter Colors (LIMITED)

Cards in 2021 that i really wanted but failed to get:

  • Maya's "Unfair Water-play" Watery Mischief (LIMITED)
  • Ran's "Scarlet-dyed" Crimson Schoolhouse (LIMITED)
  • Ran's Gentle Breeze (LIMITED)
  • Rimi's "According to Feelings" Flourishing Feelings (LIMITED)
  • Tae's "Calm Sea, Soft Breeze" Calm Sea, Singing Winds (LIMITED)

Cards in 2018-2020 that i really wanted but failed to get:

  • Ran's Scarlet (P5 collab LIMITED) really want one ( Please give me 1 ) Fun fact? its gacha first run on EN or international version run as early as 2018 after the HHW Event around November instead of 02/2019; and then for first time ever, the first collab rerun was only on 08/10/2022 which only last till 😒😮‍💨 08/18/2022 (eight f*cking days) great 🙃💢

  • Kaoru's The Star has arrived! (LIMITED) 2022-?? Finally i Got it!

  • Ran's Awakening Rivalry (DreamFestival 2020-01-01 to 01-04) 2022-?? Finally i Got it!

  • Himari's QT (P5 collab LIMITED)

  • Ran's Unwavering Friendship (LIMITED) 2021-04-?? Finally i Got it!

  • Rinko's Into a Great President (Excellent Choice gacha) 2021-04-?? Finally i Got it!

  • Moca's To Exceed Expectations (Pre-Anniversary DreamFestival) 2019-09-29 Finally i Got it!

  • Yukina's Time Spent in Secret (LIMITED) 2020-02-17 Finally i Got it!

  • Himari's Dance Lesson card (LIMITED) 2020-03-25 Finally i Got it!

My previous names:

  • ~ Kaoru smooth Seta ~♡ -Ran paHimaS♡ -HimaSri♡ -☆♡nakuha Kazuha♡☆ -☆♡Rinko♡☆ -☆♡Rinko?♡☆ -★★★★good EVEning★★★★ -★★★★ -iDidn'tGet ReZero 4★ -iEnvy whoGot 2of4★ cards -No ReZero 4★ -Got GachaScam'd? me2 -myMoney (no) RANaway -♡W a n g X i a n♡ -i L♡ve Misaki -Red Riding Arisa -TheStars i Saw with -maHina -RinAko -Misaki & Bestfriends -Misaki's Bestfriends -Misaki's misery -Misaki Michelle - Kaoru can Ran on me - Kaoru can ride on me -Kaoru riding a horse -UnderTheSea Maya -♡ Happy 801 ♡ 2020 ♡ - Tomoe♡Himari -[b][c][8c0000]♡Tomoe -[b][c][8c0000]♡Ran -Ran Mitake -kasuMEME -ミ♡…merciRimi…♡彡 -ミ♡…Rinko…♡彡 -ミ♡…Ran Mitake…♡彡 -ProtectorKokoroSmile -Rinko's Guidance -Ran's saDiCsticK -BrilliantGoldActress -Top 2511 Rinko - How2bGreatPresident? -How much 2get Rinko? -彡☆gRANd Adventure☆ミ -…彡☆Ran Away☆ミ… -…彡☆SadaKaOru☆ミ… -…彡☆Let's Read BL♡ッ -…彡☆Let's Read BL☆ミ… -♡yes i Read BL♡ -♡Rinko's moan♡ -♡Tomoe's moe♡ -Rinkocoa -Kaoru please come home -KaoruMisaki -MisakiKaoru -I want Sayo but I got -Exceeding Moca -Hagumi (HimariStyle) -Moca's bwead for Ran -My 1st is Moca -Ran -Moca bankrupt my 7k -? -Misaki kee -Ako imouto -Maya-neko -Continue to Ran -Hot Rinko -Hagumi is femHinata -Money please -to finish you. -soWhatIfIt'sNotFair? -wants P5 Ran&DF Moca -Rinko's Wet Swimsuit -No Hope for Rate Up -where'sKaoruTheStar? -0.500%? What? -FckU P5 shud be July -LIMITED gacha ends -RinRin the Wizard -Limited >Usual gacha -GundamSeed ost when? -

[ i will edit this portion because I've used multiple different names in the game ]

  • CanaRay (1st and original name)

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