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Nice to meet you! You can also call me by Frost for short!

I just love playing music games and watching anime nothing more to it me stating the obvious lol. Other than that I've also played piano for about 6 years with another 6 years playing in concert band so I have a pretty solid rhythmic sense. I love Popipa but Pastel Palettes is a very close second!

For now I am a pretty casual player with both a f2p jp account and my main whale to win en account. Maybe someday I will decide to tier an event. I always love pushing my boundaries in terms of skill though.

P.S Aya and Kasumi are just too precious

Discord: Frost_Bolt#0550

My other account [JP]: 94621108

Notable achievements: T100 Worldwide Treasure [EN], Backstage Method EX title [JP], T100 Happy Poppin Xmas [EN]

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