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May 12, 2018 11:23:30 +0000 (UTC)


If the Roselia members were teachers at my (really crazy weeb filled) school

Yukina- The Principal. Really strict at first, but once you've been at school for long enough, you find out she's really nice. Has a weak spot for cats.

Lisa- Maths teacher. Okay, but when I was in 8th grade, and when Riverdale was new, everyone thought this teacher was straight up a slut, simply because she looked like Mrs Grundy from Riverdale, but she's actually really strict and wants her students to get into the top class

Sayo- Assisstant Principal. "When you get back to school, I expect your uniforms to be in perfect shape. No makeup, no nail polish, no rings, no bracelets, no earrings and NO ROLLED KILTS" -Assisstant Principal. From what you've heard, she's a stick in the mud, but she can get hella competitive when it comes to her house winning the Swimming and Athletics Carnivals. She went full out on the Pirate theme last year, and decorated our building head-to-toe in pirate flags, and RED EVERYWHERE!

Ako- (Weeb) Music Teacher. I've posted quite a bit of him on SukuTomo, but I'll explain him to you guys here. He loves anime, gaming, and is really skilled at the drums. Surprisingly, he also likes Roselia, after getting led from a BabyMetal MV, and guess who his best girl is. Really lax, and gves us 8 prac lessons for every 10 lessons we have with him.

Rinko- Librarian. Really quiet. Never speaks, but when you challenge her to any video game, she will stand victorious above your beaten ass.