October 13, 2018 18:40:01 +0000 (UTC)

  • me: wow i have 5k gems for dreamfes i'm gonna scout ig
  • scout 1: hi here's jungle chisato and sakura kokoro and tanabata sayo u thirsty gremlin
  • me bawling my eyes out: bandoris so nice i should scout again
  • scout 2: heres a single 3 star pull but it's a dupe of arisas initial enjoy
  • me: wow that's okay! you know what i think i'm gonna drop $30 and get the 3900 gem pack!
  • scout 3: thanks for the money get cucked heres another single 3 star pull u just paid $15 for ayas initial 3 star
  • me: well that's okay ill just do the gold ticket
  • gold ticket: no fuck you here's another dupe 3 star

my friendly reminder to not spend money unless it's a gurantee 4 star box or the monthly pack (i really just wanted to do paid solos tho)