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October 11, 2018 03:06:05 +0000 (UTC)


Banner for the 4th Battle of the Bands, by violetR

Battle of the Bands v4 (Results Are Out!)

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Dates: October 27th-28th & November 3rd-4th

The staff of Bandori.Party are proud to announce the 4th Battle of the Bands! Featuring a shifted focus onto Missions & a revised Scoring System for Battles, both veteran and new groupies will want to read up on what's coming this time around.

General Outline

The Battle of the Bands is a special event hosted by the staff of Bandori.Party and other community members! Through Battles and Missions, you’ll earn points for a band we assign you to represent! Once everything is over, the final results will be calculated, rewards will be handed out, and that’s that! Sounds simple, right?

How does it work?

BoBv4 will feature 2 different methods of contributing points: Missions & Battles! Groupies are only required to participate in one of these, however you're allowed to participate in both. Based off the points gained from these two aspects of the BoB we'll tally up each band's total points, and the band with the most will be the winner of BoBv4!


Introduced in BoBv2, Missions are one way to gain points for your band! The IE team (the staff in charge of missions) assigns groupies Individual, Group, & Non-Bandori challenges each day in #missions_info, and points are distributed to the groupies' bands upon completion!

With flexible time limits & missions catered to all the different skill types, you can feel confident in your ability to contribute to your team with Missions!


A staple ever since the start of the BoB, Battles allow groupies to duke it out against other bands in multilives! During a Battle Captain's block, sign up to represent your band, and perform during the live to the best of your abilities!

With only a handful of 30-minute blocks & points scaling based off of performance, these are for skilled individuals whose hearts yearn for competition!


If you are interested in participating, then read up more on Missions or Battles, & then use the registration forms linked up above to sign up!

Wanna Know More?

To check out our FAQ, go to our BanPa BoB Playguide and scroll to the bottom! If that doesn’t answer all of your questions, then feel free to leave a comment down below, message us on our Twitter, or ask us in our discord server!