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October 10, 2018 03:26:42 +0000 (UTC)


Since the first moment I saw this card, I wished I could cosplay it <3

Hi everyone! This is my entry for Cosparty 2018, My name is Marla, but like to be called Thabasa. Maybe I’ve been waiting this for a really long time hehehe This cosplay was made by this dates but in the past year, I wore it for the first time in the anime convention TNT of November 2017 here in Mexico.

By that time the new Afterglow set came up, with the ghost-halloween theme and I really loved it so much, it captivate my eye so fast that I couldn’t help falling in love with Himari even more. Himari was my favorite character since I started playing, but with this new costume it was just time for me to go in an uncontrollable rush for making cosplay of it. By that time there weren’t cosplayers that knew Bang Dream! at all , even the game was really unknown by most of the people here.

I bought some fabric, chains and EVA foam. I made the skirt and coat piece by piece, burning every edge of it to make the torn shape of it. The top part was a little laborious but I made it! And finally the details and chains was the funniest part, painting everything and giving shape is really enjoyable for me.

This was the first time I wore this cosplay, it needed more details but I really had fun, I got the help of my boyfriend getting a bass for me, it really felt so real! <3 Even though no one knew who I was cosplaying or showed interest in it, I was living my dream of being Himari for a day. She has been always so protective, patient, childish, and many other things I can really relate to any aspect of her in life and her role in her group of friends, it was so grateful to be “part of her” for a little time.

This are some picture I get months after the convention, I added some details and stylized the wig correctly. I really put so much effort in this costume and I’m really proud of the results, because it was all of my work for making my dream come true, and it really happened to be real! <3

Thank you for reading all my process, I really appreciate it and if you would like to see my other works I have a Facebook page:

I plan to make more and more Bang Dream! Cosplay, and I hope I could find more people to make group cosplay with me! <3

PS. So sorry for my bad English 7.7