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May 07, 2018 00:32:30 +0000 (UTC)


I'm still wondering what friends are for. You can't see their event rankings like on LL... and you can't really communicate with them...

I felt like sharing how I decide on adding friends! It'd be impossible to add everyone!

My criteria for adding friends after multi-lives:


Band title (a band I like!)

Username (Cool reference and fun names)

Difficulty Chosen (same/above what I chose)

Performance on Live (Must not die super quickly)

Score (bar must be same as mine or larger)

Maybe: Card displayed (just not worse girl)

Sticker Choices (bonus points if you pick best girls or are tactful/funny)

Song Choices (bonus points if you pick my favorite songs)

Accepting Requests: Rank (Decently high, so I know you won't just flat out leave)

Profile Statement (I only add people if they aren't using the default statement. It's boring for me.)

Card Star #/Girl (bonus points for best girls and 4 stars. I prefer 3+ stars...)

I'm just wondering how do you guys make friends on Bandori while playing the game? Not with irl friends, but with people you've never met or even contacted beyond using stickers and profile comments.