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Best Girl: Tomoe I really can't decide on my ranking. They're all so precious.

Best bands: Uh, everyone but Poppin Party? No hate though. I feel like Afterglow gets shafted in music, but my best girl's on it, so. Hello Happy World always makes me happy (comforted me right after I badly sprained my ankle), and has great music. Pastel Palettes is precious and has great music. Roselia... best live band, the VAs are precious, and the music is good.

I'M SUPER EXCITED FOR AASIDE. My nickname for it is Mandori. I really like GYROAXIA's music (especially MANIFESTO), Fujin's characters/music, and Fantome's aesthetic/characters. Annnnnd one of my favorite VAs is on epsilon.

I use 7.7 speed.

Songs I can't comfortably beat on EX: Roku Chounen and Maware. Ringing Bloom and Re:birth Day are fairly doable.

Story of my Bandori life: I joined at the second event in WW. I'm missing one event card (Pure Misaki, was going through a Bandori slump). I choose the hardest possible choice when playing, except for Maware because it's the only EX I can't beat without a whoopass truckload of healers. Heck, the chances of me beating Roku Chounen are higher. I have 14 4 stars even though I've been playing since near the start. I'm in despair because my friend restarted a few months ago and has 13 4*s already. RATE-UP is a LIE because I only ever pulled one 4 star on their banner (Bless Tomoe), and I barely like most of my 4 stars. I only max level 4 stars and my strongest team!

Please pick whatever level you feel comfortable playing. Stop feeling obligated to pick EX/Hard! I don't even mind if you pick Easy/Normal as long as you don't die immediately!

All of my image content is made in MS Paint, so don't expect quality. I do it for the meme and because I'm lazy.

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