September 04, 2018 02:17:19 +0000 (UTC)


So based on a post by Sintos I decided to make:

BD!GBP Playing D&D

Comes ready with a completed character sheet and gets way too into character during the game: Ako, Kaoru

Comes completely unprepared and ready to have fun and is immediately discouraged by how complicated it is: Kasumi, Hagumi, Eve

Has the most experience, wants to play as their character, but is drafted into dungeon master: Rinko

Is terrified playing will ruin their image and ends up eternally dying in a corner: Chisato, Himari

Gives their character really high charisma as wish fulfillment: Kanon, Rimi

Walks in, sees whats going on, walks out: Yukina, Ran, Arisa, Sayo

Is secretly bored out of their mind but refuses to admit it: Lisa, Aya

Forgets they're playing DND halfway through and falls asleep: Moca, Misaki

Suspiciously good at combat tactics: Maya, Hina

Trying to get everyone back on track and failing miserably: Saaya, Tomoe, Tsugumi

Wants to make their character a furry: Kokoro, Tae