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February 15, 2023 02:52:13 +0000 (UTC)


Happy Valentine's Day, Banpa! In honor of the holiday, here are some of my favorite Bandori ships.

A lot of the gibberish that I'm spewing below is mostly headcanons btw



Oh my gosh, it's just so adorable. Rimi looks up to Kasumi so much, and Kasumi's just so, so nice to her. They're so perfect. I bet that they've written songs for each other and cuddled together by a cozy fire. 10/10 ship.



iajnoidunvwoiuhnoguhg I love them so much. Kaoru puts up this princely persona all of the time, but I bet that when she sees Chisato, she get's weak in the knees and blushes a ton. And Chisato definitely likes her back and playfully teases her a ton. They would definitely go on a date in a rose garden and they would like ballroom-style dance together



I feel this ship gives off a lot of tropes like 'talkative x listener,' I could imagine either one of them rambling about their favorite things and the other one nodding along and asking questions about said favorite thing, and 'anxious x encouraging' because Mashiro gets a ton of anxiety and has low self-esteem, and Nanami would be there to cheer her up. I can imagine them geeking out about Sanrio characters :)

I'm curious, what are all of your favorite ships? I feel like all of the characters have such interesting relationships with each other and it's really interesting to see what ships people like :D