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January 12, 2023 17:55:38 +0000 (UTC)


okay so everybody is talking about the upcoming updates, so im gonna share my thoughts as well

first and foremost, the new key visuals for the girls. unpopular opinion(?) but the i like the new artstyle. it's not as vibrant and colorful as the old one, but its not that bad. i guess i see why some people aren't fond of it tho.

next, WE CAN FINALLY PLAY AS MISAKI IN LIVE!!!!! WOHOOOO!!! i think this is something we all have been waiting for. she looks awesome

the 3dmv,,,,, i watched the preview and it looks nice!! especially ras me? biased??? i would never!!!

3rd years are graduating,,,,,,,,,,,i don't think i'm ready for this. im curious how it will go and what will the girls major in!!!!

character ranks are pretty cool. watch me max level all my faves

the last thing i wanna talk about is the new rarity,,,,,,, was it really necessary?? like oh my god, the gacha system was already rigged to begin with, but this just fuels the fire. that being said, i apologize for the person i will become when 5 star masuki drops

that's all. overall, i don't have much issues with anything (except for the new rarity grrrrrrrr) but i see why some people do.

lmfao bye goes back to my coffin