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June 09, 2022 01:05:46 +0000 (UTC)


hi banpa!!!!!

now,,, i don’t know if i’ve ever said this publicly, but i love the shuffle bands. i think about ‘em a whooooole bunch ( ̄∇ ̄) something about the concept is super fun to me!!!

and you may be thinking, “cool awesome, why are you saying this?” well…. i….

made my own shuffle band!!! i decided to use my fav characters for it, so, without further ado….

now presenting sugaR☆hearT !!!


i’ll probably add a little more info later…….. i just really wanted to get this concept out there, pffft

also… i think this would be pretty neat to maybe see other people do something similar… because i really do love shuffle bands with my whole heart

edit: more info about the band!

style: pop, usually sweet love songs or heart wrenching laments.

writer: arisa, sayo, occasionally eve

leader: eve

general dynamic: an unlikely group, brought together by the shyness/loneliness they each experience. as a band, they’re constantly pushing each other to open up, and forming sR☆hT was a part of this goal. eve is the primary motivator for the group, and he makes sure to plan plenty of group outings. kanon and rimi were afraid to perform on stage at first, but as time has passed they’ve both learned to love performing. arisa, ostracised from her peers because of her sharp tongue, felt hesitant towards eve and sayo’s offer, but eventually decided to give it a try, and discovered her passion for singing the songs that she and sayo wrote. together, sR☆hT wants to win over the world, and show every single person that they too can overcome anything.