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November 21, 2020 05:56:58 +0000 (UTC)


hey y'all beans how u doin. u know, i told myself when i came back that i would be good. well-behaved. not starting problems or anything feel me/ being a good boi

and im doing that. i will continue to do it.

i promise. im being a good boi and will keep being one. i really will but

for a moment can we just- can we talk-






u old razzle dazzle strawberry poptart headass. miniature collector's edition leprechaun mad cause u cant find ur penny of gold headass. get stuck in between the couch cushions headass. just like a RAT jumping around the corner looking for a FOOD headass. fake and small af got a whole ladder and a half hiding behind ur dj set headass.

im legally barred from throwing hands w/ u via the height-based code of honor, but my 5 yr old nephew will slide u and ur whole family into next year and u still wont be taller

ol rugratz looking, timmy turner looking, perfect travel-size looking, smurf looking, TROLLZ soundtrack produced by Justin Timberlake looking, must be this tall to ride looking, can i see ur ID ma'am looking, capri sun kiwi blast flavor pouch looking, contra 3d the return of michael myers looking, chao from sonic the hedgehog looking, cupid shuffle on a wednesday afternoon looking, super smash brothers ULTIMATE looking, animal crossing pre-new leaf looking,

if i catch u sliding into my gacha pulls then it's on SIGHT. dont come for me

like i said yáll im gonna be good i promise i really will be. love u chu

edit: no im not done yet. philosophical antithesis of jack and the beanstalk looking, grain of sand stuck in my sandal looking, sunflower seed looking, "ITS HAMTARO TIME" looking, headass. that is all. thank u