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August 08, 2020 13:30:40 +0000 (UTC)


And here we go one more time. The happy party train leaves the station to begin its journey for August birthdays. But first a little announcement for all our passengers. On our way to the next station propably some officers may approach you, this are members of the Smile patrol so please cooperate with them in what they ask for. And now, let's go to the point of todays post.

Well ... what can I say about today's honoree that hasn't already been said? well ... to be honest, she didn't start out well with me, probably because I almost instantly empathized with Misaki on the Band Story 1 and just watching our guest's every action defied all sorts of "common sense" that i tried to apply. "How can she be so happy when the world is such an awfull place?" or "And does she really belive that she is going to be able to make the whole f***ng world smile like her?, sure, good luck with that..." used to be mostly the thoughts in my head every time I saw her on screen. And yet, like it happened to Misaki, I gradually start to like her a bit more each time.

Then i met the lady responsible for taking todays honoree to life, and at that moment it was sealed. I practically "fell" at first sight for Mikku, her radiant personality and her bright smile. "Both of them are basically the same person" i though and from that moment to this day i've been appreciating her more and more.

And here we are today, gathering here to congrat a lady whos dreams are as endless as her smile. So, without further ado, let's raise our glasses and wish the best to the "Endless Wave of Smiles", the leader and vocalist of Hello, Happy world!

Happy Birthday Kokoro!