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December 29, 2019 21:12:51 +0000 (UTC)


hi i just quickly wanna dump my thoughts ab Pareo bc i keep thinking ab her again and again


Pareo's such a very kind and delicate character...

ever since she was in elementary, she's been keeping up a persona that wasn't her true self. Upholding to the expectations of everyone around herself: parents, peers, teachers. She's an amazing student and even good at sports (kicking butt in basketball!), she even has an affinity for those things and it's not like she dislikes that part. But to her, it also was a role to maintain, deep down, she's the girl we came to know her as in S2.

She didn't think she was able to be true to her feelings, that she needed to keep that image of a perfect student up (to the point that she lied and said she wanted to be a doctor when she was still small.). But then RAS came along, and like Pareo said in S2, Chu2 pulled her out of the darkness.


We don't know how exactly they've met yet, but Chu2 probably found her online through the Pasupare piano cover videos she posted (where she purposefully didn't show her face), and something in their scouting confrontation just...sparked. Something that Chu2 said/did probably made her reconsider, to be open about herself and her interests. So it's no surprise she's so attached to Chu2, she brought in a turning point in her life of facades.

Chu2 generally seems to have a great insight on others desires when listening to someone's music once she's intrigued with them, as already shown with Rei and Masuki before the Pareo chapter.

I think a lot of people, especially ones dealing with depression, can relate to this sort of thing. I know I can relate to the maintaining a different persona thing. To smile and act things are okay, when they aren't. The want to be someone else, whilst crumbling from the inside. For Pareo to have lived like that since she was just a young child, and now she's in middle school; it makes my heart ache. Pareo cried when she first saw Pasupare on TV, because they supported each other, and had the support of their fans too. Pareo meanwhile had none of that.

Some other things I think are worth mentioning but lie more in the theory side of things:

One of Pareo's dislikes is listed as "Lies", this might stem from the fact that she's basically been living a lie she built up herself.

There is one fan-letter in the Maya event "My Ideal" that says something along the lines of having an admiration for Maya because she can openly show what she likes, whilst the writer is afraid of what other people would think. It lines up perfectly with Pareo's story so far and might be implied to have been written by her.

Pareo is/was(?) called by Nyubara-san by her classmates, and she didn't speak in third person in her backstory. However, in Bandori S2 she refers to herself as Pareo in third person, implying she wants to be called by something cuter than Nyubara-san. (For anyone who doesn't know: her full name is Reona Nyubara, Nyubara being her last name)