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September 29, 2019 10:28:48 +0000 (UTC)

   I have passed level 200 
   Now time to review 
  Lvl 1:...

I have passed level 200

Now time to review

Lvl 1: Image :

I am young and full of spirit, Kachumese must be my best girl OwO

Lvl 50: Image :

No 4* girl came home, until lvl 70s, and that is Kachumese <3, the solo pull before the last solo pull of the first Dreamfes, the last solo pull is 4* Arisa. From then on, I knew: they were a perfect couple.

Lvl 100: Image :

Since Kokoro was my best girl, she wouldn't come my home, and she won't. 10k stars for Halloween Kokoro, another 10k stars for mochi-pounding Kokoro, none of 4* Kokoro came my home.

Lvl 150: Image :

I establish the first full 3*+, same type and same band. That was 3*+ Happy Pasupa band. Most of them were the cards I got from playing events.

Lvl 170: Image :

My first top 100 title; that's surely vroom Kachumese and Hagumese event. The most meaningful title ever!

Lvl 190: Image :

I don't know why, but Roselia chose me. I established my first full 4* band of Roselia.

Lvl 200: Image :

I am too old to be amazed or depressed: rate up is a lie, my fate had already been decided since I created my account. About 10k for present Halloween Dreamfes, and it's like what happened last year.

That is the boring story of a poor little player who don't have money to buy stars. Despite the fact that I don't have any 4* of my best girl, I still love her and the game. My favorite is listening my favorite song, spamming my favorite stamps, and collect stars one by one.

Now I have 100 friend slots. The more level you are, the less friend you can add. I can only communicate with them through my stamps, but it still make me happy. I hope this friend system will change someday, so I can get more friends OwO