March 20, 2019 14:45:26 +0000 (UTC)


a fun headcanon i have is that cover songs correspond with certain girls. some examples i have are:

  • hikaru nara is an arisa song
  • alchemy and god knows are kasumi songs (i feel like she wouldn't watch angel beats or tDoHS, but she'd watch the music inserts from the shows over and over again)
  • karma and tentai kansoku are ran songs (i feel like she'd be a fan of bump of chicken)
  • butter-fly is a moca song
  • great escape is a tomoe song, while guren no yumiya is an ako song (i like to think they watched the anime together <3 )
  • don't say lazy is a tsugumi and himari song (hc: they've been fans of htt since middle school)
  • moon pride is an aya song (and chisato, but she'll only share that with aya)
  • fuwa fuwa time is a maya song (not sure why, i just feel like she'd like htt?)
  • the nge songs are sayo songs (maybe yukina also?? i have a hc where sayo convinces yukina to watch nge with her)
  • this game is a rinko + ako song
  • himawari no yakusoku is a misaki song (maybe she'd watch the movie with her sister? aww....)
  • silhouette is a hagumi song
  • gogo maniac is a kanon song

some girls i feel would listen to vocaloid songs:

  • arisa (romeo + cinderella, senbonzakura)
  • tae (melancholic)
  • himari (lost one's weeping)
  • tsugumi (asu no yozora)
  • aya (she mostly knows abt vocaloid thru social - media, but not a huge listener of it)
  • hina (happy synth)
  • maya (miku miku)
  • lisa (roku chounen)
  • rinko (charles, she listens to dance-style vocaloid songs while gaming (ie: luka luka night fever-esque songs)
  • kokoro (romeo, alien alien)
  • hagumi (1, 2, fanclub)

(wow that's actually a lot of examples LOL)

anyone else have hcs like this??