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In conjunction with our launch giveaway, the staff team is pleased to announce our first community event - Bandori.Party Battle of the Bands! We apologize for the various delays we've had, they were caused by unexpected errors in our planning as well as the majority of our staff team being busy for a short while, and would like to thank the users who have had so much patience with us!

And now that we've finished the introduction, let us begin introducing the event~!

General Outline

The purpose of this event is to rack up points for a band of your choice by participating in moderated live rooms! After event sign-ups are over, we will announce which band you will be representing - please keep in mind that you may not get your first choice band, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone into either their first or second choices. In each live room, we will have at least one moderator (who will be representing a band as well), as well as one player from every other band. These players and moderator will then play a song (which will be 'voted' on by players, provided that they fit with the 'theme'), and will be judged based on performance, and will receive points based on their performance. Each live room will have a specific "theme" that will be rotated throughout the duration of our sessions - a specific list can be found below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The majority of our communication will be done through Discord - be sure to have an account, and have joined our Discord group!

Specifics - Scoring System

The scoring system is based off a “Perfect Million” scoring system, where each player will be scored out of one million points based on their performance. More details and formula are available here. Players will also receive bonuses to their score based on their chosen difficulty, as indicated below:

  • Easy → no bonus
  • Normal → +20 000 to total score (2% of total possible score)
  • Hard → +50 000 to total score (5% of total possible score)
  • Expert → +90 000 to total score (9% of total possible score)

After each player has been scored, and difficulty bonuses applied, players will then be ranked against each other based on their total score, to receive points for their band. The number of points each player will receive are broken down as such:

  • 1st Place → 10 pts.
  • 2nd Place → 8 pts.
  • 3rd Place → 7 pts.
  • 4th Place → 6 pts.
  • 5th Place → 5 pts.

Furthermore, there are additional bonuses/penalties! For those overachievers out there, there's a bonus for full comboing a song - 1 point on Easy or Normal, and 2 points on Hard or Expert! Also, should a player be exhausted (this will be determined by your number of Bads/Misses at the end of the song - healers will not help!) by the end of the song, there is a deduction of 3 points (not score!) to the number of earned points for that run. Please keep the above points in mind while selecting your difficulty for songs - be sure to play at the appropriate difficulty~

Specifics - Song Rotation

As explained above, the songs that are available to be played in rooms will be based on a specific 'theme'. There is a list of these available themes, which will be randomly picked before a room is hosted.

  1. Poppin' Party! {Original Songs}
  2. Roselia {Original Songs}
  3. Pastel * Palettes {Original Songs}
  4. Afterglow {Original Songs}
  5. Hello Happy World! {Original Songs}
  6. Poppin' Party! {Cover Songs}
  7. Roselia {Cover Songs}
  8. Pastel * Palettes {Cover Songs}
  9. Afterglow {Cover Songs}
  10. Hello Happy World! {Cover Songs}
  11. Any Song!

These will be selected via a random number generator - however, moderators may repick a theme based on their own judgement, should they feel a certain theme is selected too often, or a certain theme is not being used often enough.

Specifics - Conduct During the Event

Of course, there's all the stuff about being nice to one another, having good sportsmanship, and other such things that needs to be mentioned in this section... But this section is not only for these matters, but also things that help make our lives easier!

  1. Changing Your Nickname in the Discord Server - After the event begins, please include your Bandori username in your Discord nickname, if it isn't the same/already in there. You do not have to delete your existing username - for example, simply attach your Bandori username at the end of your username, like this: < Username > [ Bandori Username ].

  2. Setting your In-Game tag to Support your Band - Be sure to show support for your band by setting your in-game 'tag' to support your band! This also helps with keep track of who's part of what team during lives, helping us organize players, thanks for doing this in advance~

  3. Setting your Discord Status - If you are not available for play at any time during the sessions, for one reason or another, but don't want to be disconnected from Discord/the chat, be sure to set your status to Idle/Do Not Disturb! We will not select you to participate in a live should your status be set to Idle/Do Not Disturb. Being available when you're selected really helps with running the event smoothly, so this is an important note! Additionally, the reverse also applies - if you want to be selected, be sure to set your status to Online!

  4. Setting a Team Leader - Please do NOT use a Perfect Lock leader for your teams! Because players will be judged based off their performance instead of their score, Perfect Lock skills will severely affect results. Yes, we get that you want to support your band by showing off the best copy of the card you have. However, we sincerely ask all users to refrain from using a Perfect Lock leader, thank you~

If you don't know how to perform any of the above things, simply comment below or contact us, and we will do our best to provide assistance!

Specifics - Exhaustion

Many users have been confused about our rules about Exhaustion during a live, as we cannot accurately measure whether or not somebody fails. Therefore, we have enacted a new system that will allow for more flexibility and accuracy when declaring whether somebody is "exhausted" or not.


  • At the end of the live, each player's Bads and Misses are tallied up, then added together to form a "penalty score".
  • For the purposes of the penalty score, each Bad will count as half a point, and each Miss will count as one point.
  • A player will be declared "Exhausted" if this penalty score exceeds a certain threshold.
  • This threshold will be determined by 2% of the total notes in the song, always rounded up to the nearest half number.
  • Even if a player is not actually exhausted at the end of a live, if their penalty score exceeds the threshold for that song, they will be declared "exhausted".
  • Conversely, even if a player gets exhausted in-game, as long as their penalty score does not exceed the threshold, they will not be declared "exhausted" for the purposes of the event.
  • Unlike the scoring system, this mechanic has not been tested by our moderators or staff team. This system may be changed during the event (especially regarding the % of notes that makes up the threshold value) should it be deemed 'inappropriate'.

Tentative Schedule

Bandori.Party Battle of the Bands will be held over a period of two "meta" periods (where events are not taking place). Here is a schedule for this next "meta" period (05.19 - 05.21). Once again, you do NOT need to participate in every session~!

Regular Sessions

These sessions will take place at the following times, provided that there are enough members from each band to do so. You may not join a room with a moderator from your own team - keep this in mind! (Moderators' teams are provided in brackets)

LatidoReMe (HaroHapi)

  • Saturday / 05.20 / 6:00 UTC
  • Sunday / 05.21 / 6:00 UTC

BAGU (Poppin')

  • Friday / 05.19 / 18:00 UTC
  • Friday / 05.19 / 20:00 UTC
  • Saturday / 05.20 / 10:00 UTC

TiffyNinja (Roselia)

  • Friday / 05.19 / 4:00 UTC
  • Friday / 05.19 / 6:00 UTC
  • Saturday / 05.20 / 4:00 UTC

aorteau (Aglo)

  • Friday / 05.19 / 23:00 UTC
  • Saturday / 05.20 / 22:00 UTC
  • Sunday / 05.21 / 22:00 UTC

Nacko (Aglo)

  • Friday / 05.19 / 22:00 UTC
  • Saturday / 05.20 / 23:00 UTC
  • Sunday / 05.21 / 23:00 UTC

Infinity (PasuPare)

  • Friday / 05.19 / 20:00 - 21:00 UTC
  • Saturday / 05.20 / 20:00 - 21:00 UTC

Wildcard Sessions

This is a new free session system. Staff will be available all day to fill in during times of high volume and traffic, as well as allow more flexibility within the schedule. They will run as normal games, but will happen sporadically.

Staff are also allowed to host a session at any time besides the times they assigned themselves. The only limitation is that they are required to have 4 members of competing bands online to do so.

violetR (PasuPare)

  • Friday / 05.19 / 10:00 - 16:00 UTC
  • Saturday / 05.20 / 10:00 - 16:00 UTC

Passionate (HaroHapi)

  • Friday / 05.19 / ???
  • Saturday / 05.20 / ???

natsushi (Poppin')

  • Friday / 05.19 / ???
  • Saturday / 05.20 / ???

jadii (Roselia)

  • Friday / 05.19 / ???
  • Saturday / 05.20 / ???


And of course, we can't forget about prizes! The prizes for this event will be badges on our site, Bandori.Party! Each and every participant will receive a badge for participating, and the members of the winning band will receive an additional badge, be sure to show them off your friends!

Miscellaneous Rules + FAQ

Any further questions about the event that wasn't answered in this post, or any of the related documents? Feel free to PM us or comment your question below, and we'll answer it to the best of our ability!

Furthermore, should any additional rules need to be added (for the sake of organization, balancing, and whatnot), they will be posted in this section, so stay tuned!

Rules about Exhaustion - Read in Section "Specifics - Exhaustion"

Summary: If you miss a certain number of notes (2% of the total notes in the song), you will be declared "exhausted", regardless of whether you actually failed or not. Conversely, even if you are actually exhausted, as long as your misses don't exceed this number, you will not be declared "exhausted" for the sake of this event. In regards to this rule, two Bads will count as a Miss.

1. What is Garupa?

Garupa is the shortened form of BanG Dream!, taking the "Girls' Band Party" part of the name.

2. Does my centre have to be a member of my assigned band? Do all members have to be from my assigned band?

No, your centre/team can be made up of any member you wish. At the same time, there's nothing against it, so if you want to show off a shiny 4* from your favorite band, go for it! However, like stated above, no Perfect Lock leaders please!

3. Speaking of Perfect Lock leaders, can I use them anywhere else on my team?

Yes! Since their skills will NOT be activating during live shows, it is fine to have Perfect Lock characters on your team, provided they are not your leader.


We look forward to seeing everyone at the event~!

edit on May 5th - addition of a FAQ, as well as tentative schedule
edit on May 12th - fixed Discord link + added rules about exhaustion