December 27, 2018 03:12:46 +0000 (UTC)


it's technically the 27th in japan, so happy birthday to best girl with a compilation of her cameos!!

i fell in love with aya as soon as i saw her on the start up screen. i had no idea what i was doing in the game, since it was in japanese (still don't know what i'm doing) but every time i learned something new about her, i just kept liking her and liking her until she became the bane of my existence. she inspires me a lot, i share a few traits with her, but the way she leads on the band even with her flaws out in the open amazes me. she's a sweet but nervous girl, she has stage fright, she cries easily, wants to noticed, and more. yet, even with all those things, she stands strong and continues to bring smiles to everyone. i love her character design, pink suits her and her cheerful character. her voice is the sweetest thing i've heard, just hearing it sends me into a frenzy of rainbows. her love for idols, which i also share, and how they motivate her to always do her best. all these traits make aya maruyama, the vocalist of pastel palettes. i may not be able to support her as much as others do but from the power of salt i got from her not coming home multiple times, i have the energy to say: you stay true to your name and colour this world with light. happy birthday aya!