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Hello here's a teeny introduction!! My name's Alli uwu I'm 23 and I'm head deep in idol hell. My best girls are kasumi, moca, and as of recently, yukina! Other girls I really love are sayo, hagumi, and misaki. They're all good girls tho. I'm also SIFAlli on school idol tomodachi!! :) I love rhythm games in general. Im also a fan of kpop (nct, shinee, bts, pentagon, exo are some i like). I also love food and cartoons, but who doesn't??? Lol :D Nice to meet everybody. I hope I'll make some new pals (in my age range at least ;.;)

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''you guys have OFFICIALLY made me LOSE MY MARBLES''

May 23, 2018 17:00:12 +0000 (UTC)


This is gonna be a bit of a story so get comfy with your choco cornets.

I didn’t get into Bandori until the English release of the game. A couple of months before the game was released, I was looking through all of the character profiles, and trying to decide on a best girl.

At that point, Ran caught my eye. She seemed like a strong, fierce, yet awkward girl who really cared about her friends. I liked her character a lot, and I still do! But today, we’re not here to talk about Ran, but another girl who stole my heart.

So anyway, the night before the English release, I decided that I would reroll until I got a 4*, since I hear that it would help my teams a lot in the earlier events. At that point though, only the Poppin’ Party girls had 4*s. I hopped into the shower that night, hoping to decide who was my best Popipa girl once and for all since I had been trying to decide for the past week or so. So I went through them all one by one.

Kasumi- a genki leader. I generally have a soft spot of genki leaders. Arisa- a Tsundere. I liked the way she spoke, because it sounded a lot harsher than a lot of female tsunderes. Rimi- she wants to stand on her own two feet. She’s shy, but she wants to change that about herself, which I really liked. Tae- she seemed pretty chill, and she likes bunnies.

And then there was Saya.

I had never really considered Saya before that point. In fact, she was the one from Popipa that stood out to me the least. She had a nice design, but she kinda just seemed like a typical mom friend. She was just…there. She was neutral (like she is to a lot of people). There’s not a whole lot to dislike about her.

But anyway, I took a closer look at Saya, read up on her character a bit. Her family owns a bakery? Baked goods a.k.a. my favourite type of food in the world? I think she went a bit further up my list. She seems really nice and I like her design, so I’ll reroll for her, I thought.

On my 7th or 8th reroll account, I got her!! I got her 4*!! I was so happy I was screaming. Imgur

The first thing I learned from her card was that she likes scrunchies! Honestly, I thought that was really cute, and it was something that (kind of) came up in the anime when she had matching scrunchies with her old bandmates. Though they didn't explicitly say it, I thought it added a nice touch, and I'm really glad they added it. I thought that the fact that she wanted matching scrunchies with the rest of Popipa was really sweet as well! Imgur

The more I got into the stories, the more I learned of her character, the more I grew to like her, and she eventually ended up becoming my best girl. Which is why I find the name of this contest so ironic; Saya Yamabuki literally changed my mind.

I felt like Saya was the complete opposite of me; she cared about the people around her, she was supportive, and she was friendly. She’s mature, but she can still be silly at times. The fact that she can manage a band on top of helping out at her family’s bakery and looking after her siblings is something I really admire about her. My favourite characters have at least one aspect that I really relate to; Saya was was different. She was someone I look up to, and she’s someone I want to be like. She’s someone I’d want to be friends with, since I’ve felt like I’ve always had to be the ‘mom friend’ in my group of friends. I’ve always what it would be like if I had a mom friend. Not too long ago I started watching the anime, and I’ve gotten up to a couple of episodes after Saya’s joined Popipa.

At that point I realised maybe Saya wasn’t the complete opposite of me. Saya kept a lot of her feelings to herself. She tried to do her best to help the people around her, and to make sure that she wasn’t causing anyone problems, so she’ll decide things on her own. That’s why she pushed Kasumi away, even if she wanted to join. That’s something I really relate to a lot. I want to make sure I’m not bothering anyone most of the time, I make a lot of decisions without consulting anyone because of that. That only grew to make me love her more though, because I understood what she was going through.

I almost cried a couple of times during her arc. When Saya finally joined Popipa, when she finally decided to do something for herself, rather than for the people around her, I was almost in tears. She grew so much as a character, and I think I grew to love her more than I already do.

I made a few edits for her birthday, which I've posted on here and on twitter! I also wrote a little letter to her on my twitter post ♡

To sum it up, Saya Yamabuki is a sweet, supportive girl who deserves all the happiness in the world. I hope this mini-essay is enough to raise you’re opinion of her, even if it’s a little bit. Thanks for reading! Since you’ve made it this far, here’s a choco cornet from Yamabuki Bakery ♡

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hello fellow gucci gangers i'm new here so i've decided that maybe I should introduce myself or something my name is kaitlyn and im like 5 years old. I'm a freshman in highschool, and I like drawing and anything idol or magical girl related. I've played bandori on JP since June of last year, but since WW released I've since stuck to the English version because I want to save up for Kaoru. My goal is to get every Kaoru card on WW. As well as idols, my two other biggest interests at the moment are Danganronpa and My Chemical Romance.

I look forward to maybe making some friends here :)!

May 25, 2018 00:45:30 +0000 (UTC)


alt text

Chisato Shirasagi… How do I even begin to explain Chisato Shirasagi?

Mean Girls references aside, Chisato has been my best girl from day one. I’m not exactly sure what drew me to her in the first place, but after doing some thinking, I’ve finally narrowed it down to five main reasons. Whether you’re a Chisato fan or not, I hope this deepens your appreciation for her even a little.

5. Her appearance. This is admittedly the most superficial reason on the list but how could I not mention it? Chisato looks ethereal in every card she appears in. Everything about her character design works so well together, from her gorgeous platinum hair to her stunning violet eyes to her radiant smile. I even changed my lock screen and keyboard in honour of her beauty.

4. Her work ethic. Chisato understands the importance of working hard to achieve her goals, something she frequently emphasises to her bandmates. Prior to joining Pastel*Palettes, she had no experience of playing bass, yet she worked hard to become an incredible musician and still made time for her acting career without complaining.

3. Her honesty. Something that divides opinions about Chisato is her sometimes brutal honesty. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind at the expense of other people’s feelings, especially when the band's success is at stake. I understand why people may dislike her for this, but I admire her for accepting reality when no one else can.

2. Her maturity. As much as I love the more playful characters in the franchise, Chisato’s maturity really stands out to me. She’s exceptionally refined for a high schooler and manages to avoid the cute, childish stereotype often associated with idols. She always carries herself with dignity, keeps calm in difficult situations, and is an all-round wonderful role model.

1. Her humility. Despite being a successful actor, Chisato greatly values her private life and the time she spends with her friends. She definitely does not take her fans for granted, but she also has no problem with asking them to respect her privacy. As hardworking and determined to succeed as she is, her friends always take priority over her fame, and I really respect her for that.

Chisato, you may not be the most popular character but I love you with all my heart and will continue to support you no matter what. ♡

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This is some wallpaper I made so feel free to use them

May 24, 2018 13:06:13 +0000 (UTC)


Stay pure Ako

May 24, 2018 05:14:13 +0000 (UTC)


Hello everyone! This is my first time making a activity so I just want to say nice to meet you! Hope we get along ^^

At first,I was initially not going to do this challenge because I didn't have the guts to do so (though I really wanted to), but all of you were showing your passion towards your best girl,So I wanted to share my reasons as well! (Props to all of you!),And... I wanted to show why Otae is so great haha ^^;,Hopefully if you do not like her... I hope I atleast made you like her... even just a little bit :)

Now all of you might be thinking that Otae is my favorite because,I relate to her or... because she acts like my previous favorite characters,But that is indeed not the case!,Infact both of those are false.

♡ She's my favorite,Because she's unique.

-Otae may seem your "regular dork" and some may even think there's nothing great about her but your wrong! Otae is actually different than most characters if you ask me,Like the way she expresses thing's out of nowhere yet doesn't feel embarrassed about it is a skill,She says thing's right out of her mind and doesn't think twice on what she should say or not say,Do or not do and I think that kind of confidence is subtle yet... Quite admirable,Infact her idea's are out of this world as well,She says thing's that probably not most people could even imagine (nor say openly),Despite that,She doesn't say it in a strict nor matured way (infact it does not fit her persona),She just say's thing's like that to either give people a laugh or just say it on her own part and not really care on what other's may think. And I aspire to do that... ;; It's basically for who she is,And isn't doing it for show.

-She's also quite caring,realistic (at times),and of course supportive to other people and to her band members,Both in the anime and in the game.

-Though her character design is simple she stands out to me the most,All because of her personality,It's unexpected yet it's a pleasant surprise since usually she should be the "It's not going to work,give up" type. (Which I'm glad she's not btw)

-When I first saw the anime I thought my favorite would be Arisa because she's a "Purple Aesthetic" kind of character either that or any of the "Purple" image color in bandori,Because if you were to ask ALL of my best girl/best boy alot of them actually likes the color purple ..coincidentally,Purple isn't even my favorite color,So i guess you could say Otae indeed broke the chain,As soon as she had her first cameo,She started growing on me pretty quickly because she always either puts a smile on my face or makes me laugh and not much characters can do that.

-Other than all those reason's,Another thing I love about her is her dedication,Towards her bunny's,Her band,and of course her guitar.She said once that she used to play the guitar alone but now that she has friends to play with she's glad,Don't you think that's pretty precious of her? (My child lolol I'm just kidding! Though I still think that's nice) Remember when she just openly helped Kasumi even if they aren't band members yet and just met like 5 minutes ago? I thought that was indeed sweet as well ☆♡☆

-If Otae didn't exist (of course some thing's might not happen in PoPiPa but that's beside the point) I have my other best girl's but I wouldn't think Bandori would be as fun,I would probably not stay in the franchise for as long as I could expect... It would feel empty and incomplete. (But hey! That's why we have our best girl's right? In my case I have Otae!) So thank you Otae,For helping Kasumi,Popipa and for being there!,Your one of the reasons why I played the game as well

Sidenotes: -I didn't want to mention this earlier because I didn't want people to think that she's best girl all because of her looks (that's not the case!) And I wanted people to like her for her personality but just so you know I LOVE HER CARDS! infact their all my favorite! I'm so glad I have all her cards in the game so far ;; Their all so cute (believe me though It was hard) I'll make sure to save for her limited card -I like her character design as well! (Again THAT'S BESIDE the point) -from all the gacha games she's the only reason why I don't yolo alot,Because I want to save for her next cards! -I'm participating in tomorrow's event,I saved alot and I prepared my team long ago wish me luck ;;☆ -She's a pure precious child ; - ; -When I got her 2nd 4 star I USED ALOT OF STAR GEMS but later she came home with just a yolo... I prayed alot and made her stars so I was so happy TT I was shaking

Well that's all the reason's I'll say for now ^^~☆ Goodluck to anyone who'll scout tomorrow! I'm just going to tier hahaha!

Well I hope to Tae haters that I changed your mind atleast a little bit (please don't hate on her though ;;) otherwise,I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Thank you ^^

May 24, 2018 03:14:29 +0000 (UTC)


When your live is so good to the point where the crowd can't contain themselves

May 25, 2018 01:42:42 +0000 (UTC)


before april 2018

me: i love sif, so much, honoka (MY WAIFU AND BEST GIRL!!) appeared on my screen telling me to scout and i did and i solo'd valentine's mari UR and OMG HONK IS TOTALLY GOD CONFIRMED. also i finally FC'd nicopuri EX and my GOD that was a trip. and also i did a step up for μ's 2nd years and prayed for a honoka UR and sif delivered IN THE FORM OF HER GODDAMN BROKEN NECK INITIAL but then i did another scout praying for china dress koto but got devil umi which is totally fine since i lovelovelove umi-chan desu and also have i mentioned daydream warrior is the bop of the century omg i've loved it since the preview came out also GNGK is severely underrated and a masterpiece and imo bibi kinda sucks except for the cutie panther single bc natsu owaranaide saved their asses from 6th place on subunits list taking 5th instead while cyaron takes 6th i love cyaron since chika and you and ruby are all top 5 and i love their characters and voices but besides yozora the music just doesn't sound good to me idfk. also can we talk about how deep and complex characters honoka, kotori, hanayo, nico, chika, yoshiko, mari and ruby are? well like all the characters are really deep and complex, except for maybe umi which is a fucking shame considering she had a lot of potential to be and i still love the heck outta that girl despite her not getting as much development as i'd hoped for. hanamaru also didn't live up to my s2 expectations but the manga and s1 really did enough for her imo, while they did nothing for ruby and lookie here she got a whole s2 arc. anyways i'm crocheting a blanket with little pixel designs of the lovelive characters because i love sif oh and i forgot, my honoka ita bag is complete and my naka-kon lineup consists solely of lovelive cosplays because what else is even relevant at this point and--

friend: yeah, ur so right, but like, did u hear that bandori is getting an EN release? i've never played but it looks fun :)

me: i might give it a shot seems boring tho idk, the show was a shit excuse for an anime idk

me now

me: i love bang dream girls band party, so much, every time kaoru (MY WAIFU AND BEST GIRL!!) appears on my screen or anything i feel a smile creep up my lips OH MY GOD. also i got her initial 3 star and then i saved for her phantom thief 3 star and it came home first pull along with a dupe 4 star saaya which i should have been disappointed about but oh my god??? baby came home???? kaoru is such a fake top i love it i wanna call HER little kitten to see how she reacts and have an ultimate Battle of the Baes to see who is the ultimate prince, me or her and oh ye i 4got am i the only one who prefers tsugutomo to tomohima? i like tomohima and all but the way himari is like "if only u were a guy..." it just wouldn't be healthy for tomoe yknow??? also sayohina are such a realistic and complex pair of sisters, sayo seemed super boring to me at first, like a mean-ass dia but now i see how relatable she is it's amazing!!! i can't wait for kaoru's first 4 star ahhh but my little sister got into the game and solo'd away 5000 gems UGH i hATE my lIFE there goes 5000 gems with only a rinko initial 3 star to show for it not that i don't like rinko she was one of the first girls i liked in the game it's just that i was saving for kaoru yknow and it was all solo'd away just like that i really need an app locker i guess or to get my own ipad. i finally FC'd guren no yumiya on hard and that isn't a big achievement i know but to me it was and soon i was FCing EX songs and i can't clear most 25 star difficulty songs yet but i'm getting there i promise. i love hello happy world character interactions so much also saaya and tomoe make such a strong drumming brotp i swear. also i want rimi and lisa to be like best friends, i know it's a weird combo but i feel like they'd be really good for each other and lisa deserves the validation and friendship of someone who actually realizes her worth like rimi would because yukilisa can be nice but yknow lisa is someone who needs that constant validation for her self-confidence's sake and the relationship is SOOOO one-sided she's always helping yukina and yukina does nothing for her (if you're actually reading all of this comment "bless" somewhere in your comment in the comments section c:) and you could argue that "just being there for yukina" makes lisa happy enough but dOES iT???? also i actually really like popipa, kasumi's voice is so satisfying and malleable to fit the needs of any song i could listen to it all day long did i mention that kaoru is my wife oh yeah and

friend: played lovelive lately? the new event is so much fun. also, your waifu isn't honoka anymore? hasn't honoka been your waifu for 3 years? more than half the amount of time you've been obsessed with lovelive?

me: ...

me: ...lovelive? whomst? honoka? what? not ringing a bell srry

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Let's Celebrate!

Let's Celebrate! 1 Year Anniversary & Activity Launch!

We're here to say thanks for the last year of support. The site and it's accompanying community have grown exponentially just within the last 2 months, mostly in part to the launch of the World-wide GBP Server! We want to celebrate with two new, very special contests.

"Change My Mind" Challenge! - Activity Launch Contest

For activities, it'll be a bit simpler. Write a compelling post about why your best girl means so much to you. Don't be skimpy! You love her after all, don't you? You can include images of your shrine, anything you've done to celebrate her birthday, or draw some fan art/share your fan art! If you use images that don't belong to you or aren't sourced from the game itself, please credit and use with their permission. The tag used for this contest will be "Change My Mind Challenge". Please, do not use negative words/present other girls as negative to promote your own girl, as it is against our guidelines and will be deleted and ineligible for competition.

The contest will run 2 weeks, until June 3rd.

There will be 3 prizes for this category!

  • The most liked activity using the "Change My Mind Challenge" tag
  • Staff Pick (Made Us Cry & Almost Changed Our Best Girl For You Award)
  • Random Pick!


For the winners of Staff Pick & Most Popular, you will win a custom commission from one of our lovely community artists, Hisoku & Grey! They just ask that you pick something for your art that is BanG Dream! Related, since you did write an essay about your best girl! The winner of random draw will get a twitter layout commission or other graphic design element of your choice from BrokenMaddnessu!

Prize 1 Prize 2 Prize 3

Kanae's Band Experiment -- 1st Anniversary Design Contest!

Our mascot, Kanae, has been with us for almost a year now as well. Our anniversary might have been in April, but she came into being that following summer. She represents the database and stores all the information here for you to see! However, she's missing some important information about the series she feels she can only get if she were to join a band... So, Kanae begins her quest as a temporary band member to collect new, percise information!

We don't have many guidelines, because we want to see what you come up with! All we ask is you design a live/band outfit for Kanae. It can be from the same vein as a currently existing band, or a whole new concept if you'd like. All we ask is don't submit Kanae wearing an already made outfit in the game. Her position in the band is undecided, so you can render her as a drummer, singer, keyboardist, or anything else! Also, be sure to read the terms & conditions for the contest when you submit.

PLEASE, do not share your entries on the site or off the site until results of the contest are posted. Thank you!

If you don't think you're the best artist, we will take your design idea and one of our staff artists will redraw your vision! You don't have to do a fully rendered art piece to win!


What do you mean by a 'rendered image'?

This would mean you provided a full body image, fully colored/shaded and in high resolution. However, we realise not all great ideas come from people who can fully render their idea.

So, what should I include if I submit just a design?

You can be as detailed or not as you would like, however keep in mind overall design will be judged. So we'd like to see a hairstyle, hair/eye color, the outfit, any accessories she might have, and a color palette.

What Happens to my design if it wins?

This is covered in the Terms & Conditions you accept when you submit your design/image. Please read it on the submission form.

Where can I see a full reference of Kanae?

Click the button with "..." next to the globe, and view "About Us" to see Kanae in her full glory as drawn by @Nyarasho on twitter!

Anything else?

Please take all the liberties you want, but keep in mind that the character is a manager of the Bandori.Party live house, and should reflect that. If you have anymore questions, we would be happy to answer them below in the comments!


The winning designer will get either a 10$ or 1500JPY gift card to Google Play/iTunes to purchase a Premium Box, as well as a special badge to commemorate their win! All Participants will also get a badge for their BanPa Profile.

Additionally, there will be a physical prize of your choice. We have 1 Yukina Shikishi, Hot-stamped with her signature from last year's Lawson Collab, or a collection of Motto! Garupa Life 4komas that was sold at the Garuparty event in January.

Prize 1 Prize 2

Submit your design!

Contest Ends June 17th

May 25, 2018 01:14:28 +0000 (UTC)


Oh man I am in love with the new cover song "MOON PRIDE" O. O Good luck to everyone in the event and gacha~ I am so excited to get that alice costume for O-Tae~