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August 20, 2018 03:02:07 +0000 (UTC)

Just when you thought craft egg wasn’t going to scalp you and let you save for the next dreamfes and...

Just when you thought craft egg wasn’t going to scalp you and let you save for the next dreamfes and you find out it’s a limited event.

August 20, 2018 02:55:15 +0000 (UTC)



August 18, 2018 06:18:21 +0000 (UTC)


ok its been a minute but ive just finished some phone calls w/ craftegg. theyve officially approved tier C of the downest chick tier list so i hope u guys are ready for this. tier c is for girls who just are not about that down life and im providing 100% accurate explanations as to why, this is not my opinion. this is official ok


Moca: look if ur sad that moca ended up here u gotta think about it some. i dont care what u tell me, u cannot be a down girl when ur name is a misspelled coffee drink. like her parents were probably missing their coffee and they just didnt have the energy to add the silent h to her name. moca the type of girl who needs a cup of coffee to get out of bed, so that she can make a cup of coffee for breakfast. shes a drug addict basically fam, how is she supposed to win a fight?? are u kidding me? u punch her and then she has to immediately snort coffee bean powder so that she can react to dodge, after shes already bleeding. get out of here if u think moca is beating up any other girl lmao u need to get smacked by tae and her 20 hands. have u even seen moca’s angry face? ol kirby when hes mad headazz. she looks like shes scheming for a way to drop a cartoon anvil on ur head. tom and jerry headazz, wile e. coyote headazz. dr. wily before decades of coffee addiction headazz

Ako: fam i dont even have to go in on this one but im going to. ako is the type of girl to summon a monster but she gets scared halfway thru and the monster summons her instead. ol purple evil leprechaun headazz, the demonic daughter of toucan sam headazz. magenta fruit loop headazz. swiper the fox headazz. ako wants to be evil so bad but all u have to do is say “ako no swiping” and shes good again. ako the type to rob a bank and cover her face in black marker to try and hide from the camera. ol walk into the salty spitoon but slip on an icecube headazz. this girl was going to call the police over a jellybean, the heck u mean she can fight. dont even talk to me

Aya: ok unlike the first two girls here i think aya is actually willing to fight. the only problem is that shes the type of girl who senses any incoming hands and starts crying before u even hit her. she also cries as shes trying to slap u, its like fighting someone thru a waterfall. u just be slapping her and its so many tears that new aquatic plant life starts springing up in the ground around u. so shes really bad at fighting but i didnt put her lower bc her defense is hella high. as shes getting beat, the inner idol in her makes it so that instead of punching sounds, u hear these cute squeezable plushies squeaking. instead of blood shes spilling out cotton candy and stuffing bc shes so sweet. pretty quickly u feel like a monster and gotta stop fighting her

Misaki: look fam i cant even go in on misaki. shes the only one here who i dont have jokes for bc i dont think shes actually unable to fight. shes just so chill and rational that shes not gonna be down to fight and—SIKE

u really thought i was gonna let misaki off the hook?? nah lmao she gotta get this work. misaki is low bc shes so pessimistic that she loses every fight before it starts.

like theres a fight about to start and u ask misaki if she thinks she can win, and shes like “whats the point? id still get hurt anyways” misaki be getting bodied by her own mind fam. like right after she says that she gets a black eye from an invisible force, its her own negativity punching her in the eye. ol eeyore from winnie the pooh headazz. all of her fights look like squidward vs the sea bear from spongebob. daughter of oscar the grouch headazz. “NOW SCRAM” headazz. ol anime barnacle boy headazz. shikimaru nara but u never win headazz. lmao i love misaki tho she could beat someone up if she really tried but thats a hella rare circumstance so shes not really down

Tsugumi: u guys know i love tsugumi to outer space and back. this is like my daughter right here but. shes the yamcha of bandori. yes yamcha is strong, maybe the strongest C tier girl, but even against the A tier girls its like krillin and piccolo vs nappa.

tsugumi the type of girl to spend 10 months training on a remote island for the bandori girls fighting tournament. then she shows up to fight tae and gets beaten bc tae’s rabbits stampeded her to death. she uses her best moves against chisato but chisato is too small and piledrives tsugumi’s big toe, instantly giving tsugu a near death experience. she fights eve and eve just sucks her soul out and puts it into an ancient samurai painting on some luigi’s mansion ish, then ako gotta come save her cause u know ako would really try to suck a ghost into a vacuum.

tsugu tries so hard fam. fix it felix headazz. but she cant fix her fighting skills shes just permanently trash at that. she seems strong until u see arisa beat her by verbally roasting her so hard that her body starts turning to ash. dracula exposed to sunlight headazz

August 01, 2018 11:41:11 +0000 (UTC)

People really seemed to like this dumb joke on twitter so I'm uploading it here too :^

People really seemed to like this dumb joke on twitter so I'm uploading it here too :^)

August 15, 2018 20:52:03 +0000 (UTC)

To me, all their songs sound the same anyway;; DOESNT MEAN THEYRE BAD!! Yukinas voice is great but...

To me, all their songs sound the same anyway;; DOESNT MEAN THEYRE BAD!! Yukinas voice is great but it's all the same to me

August 14, 2018 10:28:50 +0000 (UTC)


Me, playing on hard difficulty: Not bad, i can do this all day. Who need a healer anyway?

Me, playing on expert difficulty:

(In ninja voice) i need healing!