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I'm a retired player, but I still follow the franchise!

General things about me

  • I'm Konsi, or Kon, or Konkon, whatever you prefer.
  • I'm a 20 year old male who loves cute things, spicy food and sweet drinks. Sweets in general are pretty neat if you ask me.
  • I seem to be super huge compared to other users on this site (6"2'), but interestingly, I'm not much larger than the people around me. thinking
  • I actually have green eyes and I love it
  • I keep forgetting my blood type, I think it was B something
  • the SN I'm mostly active on is Discord. I'm Kon#0039, feel free to add me!

Bandori things

  • ok time for real talk. I burnt out playing the game. I used to play on EN literally since right after launch and I wanted to collect every event card. But sooner or later it just felt more like a chore to play enough songs for the event cards, especially because I kinda went through a tiring time altogether... Around the same time I lost the friend who was also into this game and whom I used to talk to the most. This was like a year ago, I lost motivation and "needed a break", lasting until today, sadly. However, I still love the beatmaps, the songs, the girls, the franchise and this community ofc, so I still check this site out from time to time. I'm sorry for making you read this, I don't talk to many people so I just put things down on the internet.
  • My best girl is Tae and my duty is to protect her
  • I used to dislike Sayo a lot, but reading her stories and all, she became my second best girl. Don't judge a song by its cover.


I used to be a translator for databases and UI for this page, however my private situation and job pretty much eat all the time I have now, so I don't actively contribute translations, just very very sporadically. If you see an error however, feel free to contact me~

What's your favorite food?

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