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It's rewind time!

I thought I should maybe redo this bio since I love change. Not the coins, though.


I'm Konsi. Some would call me Kon or Konkon. My history of playing rhythm games/idol games is not that long or spectacular, but I'm really dedicated to the games I play.

My Rhythm Games History

aka the boring part

My first rhythm game was actually osu, which I played first in November 2015 (according to my osu page, I think I played way earlier). Thing is, I sucked in normal osu, since my PC wasn't the best and I'm not the mouse/keyboard player anyways. osu!mania was enjoyable, though, and I played it the most out of all of the modes.

AND THEN I GOT A SMARTPHONE and didn't care about rhythm games at first because, again, my phone was really low-tier. When I saw a pal of mine playing LLSIF, though, I just got into the game, I guess. I watched the anime earlier, too. And as it turned out, I was really good in that game, my phone just always kinda lagged once every song, resulting in me never actually FCing any hard song.

I upgraded my phone after that and everything was fine. Then, in April '18, BanG Dream WW released. I didn't really pay attention to it at first, but a few days after release, my pal said that the game was actually very enjoyable, and in Guitar Hero style. And I remembered my fun times with osu!mania and downloaded BanG Dream the same day, played every event so far, have every event card and stamp EXCEPT FOR THE VERY FIRST which makes me still a bit salty. And during that time, I just improved so much that it was almost normal for me to FC an Expert song in a lunch break. I also upgraded my phone once again, hoping that I don't need to do that again for the next, like, 5 years.

Eventually, I got into Starlight Stage because the songs in LLSIF and BanG Dream kind of got repetitive. And I actually learned some japanese thanks to Idolmaster.

It was a long, but enjoyable journey for me.


My Bandori-ID and other IDs can be found here.

I'm in charge for the german translation of bandori.party's interface and database. If you see errors, please notify me either in here, or write me an email.

My best girl in BanG Dream is Tae Hanazono, and I dream of getting every card of her in BanG Dream WW one day.

I'm glad to be able to contribute to this community, and I'm looking forward for fun times with everyone in here <3

Should be everything about me. Now tell me about you!

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