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April 10, 2021 20:06:41 +0000 (UTC)

Happy belated birthday to Afterglow's lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Ran Mitake~♪♡!


Happy belated birthday to Afterglow's lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Ran Mitake~♪♡!

...and happy late Easter minna~♪♡!

April 10, 2021 20:16:13 +0000 (UTC)


Hello everyone I am Harmony,started bandori like almost a year ago,I always loved music...

Hello everyone I am Harmony,started bandori like almost a year ago,I always loved music games,trying many of them but,i can say bang dream bandori Universe is just a perfect spot of love and dreams,where i can see many players having fun with this amazing ad talented musicians. So I more happy for those people that are finding something positive in Bang dream community,I simply love this game because inside Harmony I can express more myself :)

April 08, 2021 03:25:40 +0000 (UTC)

    Days of Bang Dream    
In the books and movies, it's normally a person that reaches out to you...

Days of Bang Dream

In the books and movies, it's normally a person that reaches out to you during your lowest point. But for me, the star in the sea of darkness was definitely all the characters in Bandori and their stories. It can be easy to pass Bandori off as just sparkles and smiles, but what I love the most about Bandori and each of the girls is that behind each smile and laugh, there was also struggle and conflict that they had to overcome.

(I'll try to refrain from this getting too long ;-; but here goes) The me two years ago let my social anxiety dwarf over every other part of me 'til the point where I absolutely despised myself. I was like Mashiro in a way- my parents sacrificed so much to give me the opportunity to go to a good school, yet it was also this school that made me feel like trash compared to the rest of the students there. The worst part was that I had no sense of who I really was, after trying so hard to "fit in" and make everyone happy.

Then Bandori came into play.

  • The stoic and quiet girl I used to be became someone who silently suppresses shrieks of admiration while watching Roselia concerts- having someone that you can say you love and look up to is super important (I guess it's a bit sad to say I had no one like this in my life before, but now it's Yukina and a lot of other characters), because hey- that's someone that you wish you could be one day. And that's a starting point that you can improve yourself from.
  • I think it was called comfort characters/songs? Yup, that was it. The lyrics for most bandori songs (especially Popipa and Roselia's!!) are really touching (I highly recommend to read them on the wiki!) and they've helped me a lot. Music is a powerful thing (the amount of times I've cried while listening to Hidamari Rhodonite and Neo Aspect is... embarrassing, to say the least :p)
  • Each character is so inspiring- and this is where Bandori truly shines. Yes, their music is boppin', the anime is fantastic, and the game is super fun (not to mention the amazing seiyuu & live concerts), but their character development and writing is the most stunning of all. From Yukina to Aya, they all have their own struggles, they're not perfect, yet they try to become better versions of themselves. And that was what I had been foolishly doing wrong, just wallowing in self-hatred instead of picking myself up and trying to become better. I also found myself saying things like "Don't beat yourself up over that, Aya! So what if you can't ad-lib or stumble over your words? We all do that sometimes" and just pause and think- how come you don't talk to yourself that way?
  • There's so much more but it's getting late and I haven't finished my science homework yet :( Bandori has taught me a lot about facing your fears, owning up to your mistakes, accepting what makes you different, and so much more. But I think the biggest change is that now, I'm no longer scared of hugs or the word "love". And it's become much easier for me to say love instead of hate, especially when it comes to my friends and myself.
  • AAAAAAAAA I JUST LOVE BANDORI SO MUCH SERIOUSLY IT'S HELPED ME IN SO MANY WAYS. It would be no exaggeration to say that Bandori has changed my life. Without it, I really wonder where I would be standing now, socially, academically, and as a person. I went from that one awkward girl who is always gloomy and probably hates herself to that one awkward girl who's really nice (I hope ;w;) and is constantly trying to become the best version of herself that she can be.

(Format of the post is based off/inspired by Momoyukiis because I have no idea how to organize/format lengthy word-posts to make them less chunky and more readable ;-;)

April 03, 2021 22:36:46 +0000 (UTC)

Hii I'm Claire!! I'm new here, and I figured I'd mix my intro with my DaysofBanGDream! post. So my...

Hii I'm Claire!! I'm new here, and I figured I'd mix my intro with my DaysofBanGDream! post. So my pronouns are she/them, and I love Kaoru and Maya.

I started playing Bandori in May of 2019 when my (at the time friend, now gf) introduced it to me. I immediately became engrossed by the characters and the music. And well. Now I'm here lol.

I think that there are multiple ways the game has changed me, some more subtle than others. The amazing art inspired me to practice my drawing, and now my style is very much based on the Bandori artstyle, the costume design especially! But the girls have helped me accept myself as well. I saw myself in Arisa, and began to understand how I drive people off with my cold demeanor. When I saw her trying to change it through Arisa's Not So Bad Day (was that the name? i forget lol), I decided to do the same, and well it's not going perfectly, I'm proud of myself for trying. The other girl who inspired me is Maya, and I know this is gonna sound weird but she's kind of my role model?? She doesn't entirely fit in with the beautiful Pasupare girls and she stands out so much with her geekiness. Her commitment to the drama club astounds me, and now I work on the sound board for my school's plays because of her! I want to be like her, and I think I'm getting there. I've started to become more open about my interests to others, even though they might make fun of me. Maya has helped me so much.

Umm yeah that's it!! I'm so glad to be a member of this community and I want to meet some pals on this website! Huehehe~

April 07, 2021 01:48:45 +0000 (UTC)

    Days of BanG Dream

7th April. Today marks my 3rd year anniversary of playing Garupa. I'm...

Days of BanG Dream

7th April. Today marks my 3rd year anniversary of playing Garupa. I'm gonna be honest, I don't know at all what I want to write but I don't want to repeat the same story I always have when it comes to how Bandori has changed me. I'll just try my best to speak from the heart!

Okay, first, how about I quickly sum up myself from 2018, the me still in secondary school, a good three years younger than I am now.

So, 2018 me, huh

Let's not beat around the bush. I hated myself. I had already spent nearly 3 years in secondary school at this point and it's safe to say. Yeah, I didn't get out of those years in the best..I guess mental state. The me who not only hated myself but also hated other people because of how some were more cruel than others. The me who couldn't enjoy the things I liked publicly because people were harsh and judgemental. The me who let people walk all over me and didn't stop getting walked all over throughout the rest of secondary school. Can't exactly lie, I think it was really stupid of me to think like this though. The me who insisted that people were horrible and that there is nothing to believe in. It is a stupid thing to think.

Okay, so where does Bandori get involved?

3 years ago I saw my younger sister playing Bandori and, well got interested and got it for myself. This was still when I was majorly in this weird spiral of negativity. I was half expecting my experience playing Bandori to be similar to when I played LLSIF, which I didn't get very invested in at all. But then I realised I was having fun playing it. I distinctly remember how I felt stupidly happy when I realised that I recognised the song Sugar Song and Bitter Step from the few times I heard it on Youtube. And maybe, just maybe. Things in life weren't all entirely bad. Maybe things were a little okay sometimes. Getting invested in these band girls' lives and what they do and seeing what cards and songs released. It was something nice to look forward to! about elaborating on how Bandori changed my life?

  • First off. Kaoru Seta. I will always say Kaoru was the first character I truly enjoyed in any form of media ever. She's just this handsome girl who seems cool on the surface but really she's an idiot but deeper inside she is caring and knows what to do to ease others and still has her own fears of heights and scary things. Kaoru's confidence and character development is just something I admire. How she could be this shy young girl who cared a lot for Chisato and eventually got into theater and developed a new character for herself to be more confident is just admirable to me. And despite all that, she is undoubtedly the same Kaoru from when she and Chisato were children. She's a character I still look up to and respect.
  • This is the part I always talk about when it comes to this kind of thing. Bandori was what introduced me to this community! It's BanPa where I feel most comfortable in myself and even though the site's community may have changed since I first joined, I still feel comfortable.
  • Leading on from that, BanPa subsequently lead to me joining Nija's BanPamong Us server! Everyone there is fun to talk to and I can call the people I 've spoken to through the server my good friends. Even though they have to watch me occasionally lapse into the same thoughts I would have had 3 years ago, they still stick by me. I know I need to listen to all of you more when you say good things about me and I need to trust you all more when you say things. I do want to change that part of me. Speaking of change...
  • Change is a big theme for Morfonica but I'll be honest, I have mostly associated "change" with Mashiro. Mashiro became my 2nd favourite character after reading Morfonica's band story and when I was reading it, I knew there was something about Mashiro that I felt was relatable and maybe I didn't realise entirely what that was until now. Mashiro wants to change. Not only in becoming a better vocalist but I mainly viewed the way she behaves as the thing she can change the most. Mashiro isn't very confident, is very shy and isn't the most positive person ever. She even says some pretty harsh things during the band story. But the resolve she has by the end of the band story to change and become better is admirable. I don't know how to word it but if Kaoru is the girl I wanted to be, Mashiro is actually the girl I am right now. And if Mashiro can aspire to change and become better, I want to maybe try doing that as well! I want to reach something similar to the daylight that Mashiro wants to reach and hold in her hand someday.

Ending words

I know the initial question was "How has Bandori changed your life" but I still feel like it is changing things, especially with the inclusion of Morfonica now. Summing it up, I do feel happier. I know I am still not the best person ever and I know I still don't have the best thoughts ever but I'm certain that someday I will reach that. I have hope now. And now I know this seems weird to talk to myself but...

A message from my heart to the me who was still in secondary school,

"Mate, things are hard right now but you need to believe that things will get better. You may feel like people don't like you and that you absolutely despise people. That's not true though. You will have people that care a lot about you, they'll care too much about you, worry about you even when you say everything's okay. And in return you'll have so much love to give to those people. They'll be some of the best people you'll talk to. You may feel like nothing will change. But if you can try to change yourself and better yourself, things will get better and change for good. The light seems far away right now and it might not even be there for you at whatever point in life you're at but it will get closer and you'll feel like you'll grasp it. When that day comes, you will shout into the sky for everyone to hear that you did it.

For now, just keep being as you are. Fate will eventually treat you well in the end and the me right now is proof of that."

thank you if you read all of this. it means a lot to me who isn't the best at wording things so thank you a lot! i hope i was able to show what bandori means for me and i hope everyone who's reading this right now will also reach a daylight of their own
April 07, 2021 21:06:51 +0000 (UTC)

Days of bang dream... 

Its almost my 1 year anniversary of playing bang dream, girls band party....

Days of bang dream...

Its almost my 1 year anniversary of playing bang dream, girls band party. And I wanna talk about how exactly it impacted my life^^

July of 2020, It was a rough time for me, I was at my lowest point. I wanted everything to go away and I kept feeling like i was never good enough for anything.

So.. where does bandori come in?

Well, one day I seen someone on Instagram post about bandori, and I said “hey.. that looks fun” so I downloaded it, and thats when a certain girl really changed my life.

Lisa imai, why? Well I’ll tell you. Everything about her made me look up to her. From her mom friend vibes, to her being kind and supportive to everyone, and no matter what, she would almost always have a smile on her face. And now.. everyday, I remember that Lisa Imai basically made me not be as depressed as I was, so thank you bang dream for making the character that I adore.

(This was so cheesy omg-)

March 31, 2021 03:42:18 +0000 (UTC)



Pues todos los posts que he visto han sido en inglés asi que no se si el mío contara pero igual lo quiero hacer lol

como empezó todo esto

Pues por junio de 2019 estaba aburrida entonces me fui a la playstore para buscar juegos y me encontré con bandori, recuerdo que siempre me hacía muchas cuentas porque no sabía como guardar mis datos lol, pero obviamente en el principio era bastante mala, solo jugaba en easy y normal. No estaba interesada ni en las chicas ni en la historia, solo lo jugaba porque era un juego de ritmo, aunque un tiempo después ya me interesé en las chicas y en la historia :)

como cambio mi vida

En realidad este juego no digamos que cambio completamente mi vida ya que no lo jugaba seguido y no sabia nada, pero ahora que ya las conozco me siento muy feliz, no se muy bien que decir porque pues como dije antes no es como que cambio mi vida, pero si estoy bastante feliz cuando lo juego (?

best girls

Amo mucho a mis best girls, me han ayudado demasiado en días en los que me sentí triste. En realidad quiero aprender a tocar la batería porque además de que la batería me fascina, ver a masuki y a natsume (VA de masuki) tocar la batería tan bien me fascina también, no creo que algún día pueda tocar la batería porque además de que en mi casa no hay espacio, están muy caras 💀💀, también me gustaría tocar el violín por rui, me da igual si es difícil de aprender yo solo quiero aprender a tocar el violín lol pero en general todas mis best girls (masuki, layer, rui, kaoru y rinko) me dan mucha alegría y estoy feliz de haberlas conocido!!

en general bang dream fue una de las cosas más buenas de toda mi vida en los últimos meses <33!!

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March 26, 2021 01:32:46 +0000 (UTC)

  Community Event Announcement: DaysofBanGDream!

Hello, hello! It’s me, the staff member with the...

Community Event Announcement: DaysofBanGDream!

Hello, hello! It’s me, the staff member with the scuffed profile picture!

It's been a while since the last event, hasn’t it. All of the Christmas stockings looked amazing. It has been three months, maybe longer?

Oh, that means it’s almost time for Bandori EN’s third anniversary.

And that means Morfonica is making their way to Bandori EN. The band is symbolized by a butterfly, an icon of change.

So, we would like to know how Bandori changed your life. Maybe you were inspired by a character? Maybe a live event caused you to pick up an instrument? What if you met a good group of friends through Bang Dream? Or maybe you started raising rabbits because of OTae?

We don’t know, so that’s why we want to know your story~

[color=red] Submissions are due by [utcdate=2021-04-16T00:00:00][/utcdate], which is in [countdown=2021-04-16T00:00:00][/countdown] [/color]

How Do I Participate?

To enter, you must make a new activity with the hashtag, #DaysofBanGDream on this website expressing how Bang Dream has influenced your life in a positive way. Do anything you want. Write something, draw something, express it through poetry, maybe write some song lyrics or parody an existing song, drop a music cover, do anything you can think of! You can also use the same hashtag on Instagram or Twitter!


Do not be inappropriate No low effort posts/memes (Low effort- one liners, or something short) Post during the event period


Community members who participate (on the site) will receive an EXCLUSIVE, MEGA AWESOME participation badge after the event ends! (Artwork in progress, but trust me lads, it will be rad)

Guideline for Good vs Bad Examples

Good examples

  • Hi, I’m AyaHina24, and my whole life, I’ve been afraid of public speaking because I’d always make mistakes. I started Bandori, and found myself drawn to Aya. Despite being a total klutz, she continues moving forward and inspiring others. Through Aya, I learned that it's okay to make mistakes, and that helped with my confidence.

  • Hi, I’m 420MocaLisa, and I saw Saechi just destroy her guitar in front of a live audience. She looked so cool, and it made me also want to buy a guitar. I’m still not as cool as her, but I can play a few chords.

Bad examples

  • I saw Ran skip class and go to the rooftop. Now, I just skip class and don’t care. (Don’t skip class, y’all)

  • I saw Kaoru and now I’m gay. (While Kaoru is gay, the person in this example does not really go into detail on how Kaoru helped discover their sexuality.)

Closing Thoughts

Now that you all know the rules, and what to do, go make some noise. We are looking forward to it :)!