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September 16, 2018 14:12:59 +0000 (UTC)


All the girls have such pretty clothes.

Uuuh I wish I had as nice clothes as all of them!!

September 30, 2018 18:11:48 +0000 (UTC)
She's F U N N Y

She's the baddest bear in town

She's apparently invincible

Hello Happy...

She's F U N N Y

She's the baddest bear in town

She's apparently invincible

Hello Happy Birthday Mii-kun!!!

September 28, 2018 14:05:47 +0000 (UTC)


Guys, I'm going to die because I can't handle so many emotions inside of me. Dreamfes Rimi just slayed me, I love her too much, she's probably my new favourite card, which is still unbelivable to me. I never thought someone would Top CiRCLING Tae, but it just happened and I'm speechless, and in need to talk about the card as much as possible, so here we go!


Let's start with the untrained version, because there's so much to say. let's start with her hair. She has braids!!!!!!!! I love them! They just look so cute on her, she's too lovely my heart can't handle this. the clothes she's wearing also look really gorgeous and love the color combination of Pink and Yellow. By the expression she has we can tell that she's really working hard. We stan a hardworking cutie called Rimi Ushigome! She's doing her best for her band, for Poppin Party and she's just too lovely! And if we look at her shelf, we can see a bunch of really cute plushies of a rabbit, a chiken, a small chick, a sowman, and I think two bears?, and also she has a bunch of books. Probably those Horror novels she loves so much (which I feel like people don't talk about enough).

Now let's move onto the trained version:


Now this trained version is what really killed me completely. I don't even know how to begin. The colors and the lighting in this card are absolutely beautiful and it's so pleasuring to look at. I could look at it for hours and never get tired of it. We can see some of the stuff we could also see on Tae's dreamfes card too, like the headphones, the cat ears, the star on their chest, the veil, and more, but Rimi obviously has pink while Tae had blue. They both look great, but there's this something with the pink colour on Rimi's card that just makes it so much better ,and I can't really express what is it. And lets not forget her pose. I can't with her pose, she just looks so cute posing like a cat, I feel like Im ascending to heaven!

Rimi is just the sweetest and cutest character I've ever seen and I love her so much, and seeing this card make her justice is the best thing to ever happen! And honestly, I'm scared, because I only have enough stars for 2 pulls, but I could full combo hard songs to get a third pull, but Idon't know what will happen if I don't get her. i thik I'm gonna seriously cry. Please, send me luck everyone!

Also fun fact: I think this is one of the few 4* were we get to see the caracter with their instrument in the untrained version. The others are Birdcage Yukina (if you count the microphone as an instrument), White Day Misaki, Freshly Blooming Largo Rinko (not the keyboard, but it's her piano, which counts) and Bushido Eve.

Edit: I can't believe I forgot to mention this very important part of the card, i'm such a disgrace. In the untrained version of the card, one of the best things about it is just how well characterized Rimi is. Usually we get to see her cute or shy side when we look at her cards, however, here we get a totally diferent side of Rimi that realy shows her character really well and I'm so happy craft egg gave her this card.

August 30, 2018 03:22:22 +0000 (UTC)


i spy with my little eyes...


a pair of happy lesbians!!! a joy to us all!

edit: wow you guys really like these happy lesbians! they appreciate your support!

September 24, 2018 03:59:36 +0000 (UTC)

dang y'all lately ive been listening to just a boatload of punk rock music, especially pop punk and...

dang y'all lately ive been listening to just a boatload of punk rock music, especially pop-punk and its been making me think of afterglow. so then i started to marathon all of afterglow's music and fam i got in my man feels

i cant let go of these kids y'all. their musical style reflects the color of my soul, dont even ask what that means, when i listen to their songs i just feel like im completely ok w/ being myself . i feel so proud of them for how hard they rock out , and then i remember how they were the band that got me to start playing this game, and just

look idc if they dont come home as often as my pastel girls, im still adopting them from now on. tbh i wouldnt even be able to tier this event if moca hadnt been there from day one helping me get points so its not like they dont support me

they can just be my rebellious kiddos that do what they want , im ok w/ taht. but i love them too much to just abandon them like this man it hurts my dad heart. theres enough room for the pastels and the glow girls in my household ok. i just wanted to let that be known, i will do my best to be a tsugurific bushido dad from now on

edit: alli the genius suggested "bushidori dad" bc eve's bushido + ran's itsumo dori. its a fusion of grand proportions and i will proudly don the name. with power like this, i can become... the ultimate dad!!!!

September 29, 2018 01:37:46 +0000 (UTC)


you ever get that feeling when the craft egg and bushimo openings are said by the same character and it feels like u won the frickin lottery

September 29, 2018 14:03:49 +0000 (UTC)

Happy early birthday, Misakiiiiiiiii

alright look my friends i just couldnt wait till october...

Happy early birthday, Misakiiiiiiiii

alright look my friends i just couldnt wait till october sooooooo

btw i did this on so its terrible

September 03, 2018 18:19:34 +0000 (UTC)

alright guys i... i have a confession to make 

i tried so hard to read the 6th member of...

alright guys i... i have a confession to make

i tried so hard to read the 6th member of afterglow event story, i really did. the event was fun, the challenge songs were all excellent, and ran’s spooky outfit in particular was extra cool. everythign about this event set it up to be my favorite at least until the next pastel event probably, they have a habit of stealing my dad heart

bt i couldnt finish the frickin story. do u know why, fam? for all of my roasting it turns out that i mightt be the most roastable of everyone here. i am an actual scaredy cat and. i got scARED IM NOT EVEN JOKING

i already had a feeling the event was going to be scary and thats why i put it off until today. i thought if i waited i could gather the courage to just pull thru and read it.

the opening chapter was wonderful, i was laughing and enjoying it. 1st chapter starts to make me a bit iffy bc i realize that this story is literally gonna take place in a classic horror setting.

i only got as far as the 2nd chapter y’all. it was so freaking quiet and my stomach was twisting a little, i felt slight anxiety also . i basically felt how ran did but ran was making me feel even worse.

as they were going to leave i was like internally screaming “pls yes oml just leave, pls pls run” but then the doors are locked . and te h music that starts playing at tht moment fricking made me qui t. i immediately closed the app and jsut. someone hold me lmao

i knew i couldnt take it anymore bc i looked at hey day capriccio song lyrics, theyre saying some straight up creepy ish. “game of tag” “hide and seek” stuff like that fam. and then there’s that part where the backup is like “nO NO, DONT LOOK BACK” and rans like “creepin creepin wwuuuuUUUUGghgfg”

like girl can u shut up omg ur putting me on edge. what the hell u mean dont look back?? who is creeping and why are they creeping??? im not about to play tag w/ no damn ghosts. thats why ur gettin chased thru the school cause u wanna sing about demonic hide and seek pattycake with evil goblin monsters. the heck is wrong with u, this is why the pastels are my daughters, u wont find them getting chased thru the woods late at night by some serial killer and then write a fricking song about it later

so thats my confession fam i was being a punk and im ashamed but look, i aint no actual punk. i just have a low tolerance for horror and i got took tbh

September 29, 2018 03:09:33 +0000 (UTC)


rosepetals.everywhere. gaahhhh i haven't been posting as much as i wanted to but here's something i noticed in kaoru's cards